What you've made possible

Lyos standing with children

You have empowered millions of moms like Lyos to provide their families with access to safe water – and so much more.

Lyos – like many women in her village – performed the difficult daily task of collecting water, never knowing if it was safe to drink. Upon learning she was pregnant with their second child, Lyos and her husband decided to find another way. They found it with something we call WaterCredit.

Water.org created WaterCredit to help people like Lyos get access to safe water by helping them get access to small, affordable loans from local microfinance institutions. Through WaterCredit, Lyos borrowed the money needed to build a water tap, providing easy access to safe water at home.

Now, instead of inheriting her mother's difficult daily walk to collect water, Lyos' daughter has time to play and go to school.

Together we've given more than five million people the promise of improved health, education and a bright future. We're asking for your help to reach even more.

Give to Water.org and turn a life of poverty into a life of possibility.


Population of 255.7 million
33 million lack safe water
100 million lack sanitation
43% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day
Capital: Jakarta