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It takes a village to see progress

According to Yehansu and Hiwot, construction of the community’s hand-dug well has enabled their children to go to school in a timely manner. Because their children often used to help collect water, they were not able to attend school on time, usually missing two classes every day. But now, thanks ... More »

Financing and supply chain collaboration

With more than 60 active partners globally, Water.org takes an individualistic approach with each partnership design and implementation. No two partner organizations are exactly the same and their water and sanitation lending initiatives reflect this.

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WaterConnect for the BOP

The Water.org Philippines team is piloting a new project called WaterConnect to connect families living in the bottom of the economic pyramid (BOP) with easy access to improved and safe drinking water.

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Philippines Partners Celebrate World Water Day

Partners in the Philippines celebrate World Water Day with us.

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Residents of Mount Tumpeng see the benefits of piped safe water

Before PDAM Batang provided piped water to the residents of Mount Tumpeng, Malekah, Sumiyati, and Sungkono used to plan their days around collecting water.

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NWTF's Marketing Channels

Marketing is one the most important activities conducted by organizations to help communicate the availability of a product, including its details and benefits.

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A favorite place

With Toilet Credit, Hayati’s House Now Becomes the Favorite Holiday Place for Her Grandchildren and In Laws

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Protecting the Poor, Building a Resilient Community

Water.org takes part in ASKI’s 30th Anniversary Celebration with a Theme of Protecting the Poor, Building a Resilient Community

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Jostna endured years of heartache as she watched her son fall physically ill from an unknown cause. After concluding the cause to be unsafe water, a brave Jostna did what it took to prevent her other children from suffering as well. Read about how Jostna beat her family’s water crisis.

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Empowered moms empower others. A widowed mother of five, Elena was empowered to access her own safe water and sanitation solutions at home.

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Ruth is hopeful and determined. After a childhood spent collecting water, she wanted more for her adult life. She is now an artist, a wife, and an empowered mother who is changing her family’s world.

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Empowered moms empower others

In this video, Edna revisits her previous daily journey to collect water.

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