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Education and brighter futures

Access to safe water is the most crucial aspect of running an institution, and every school needs safe drinking water nearby. From the #StoriesWeLove, this week we are pleased to feature the story of Eden High.

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Rumyati's blue cart

From the #StoriesWeLove, this week we are pleased to feature the story of Rumyati.

To the casual observer, this tired, old cart may seem useless, its paint chipping, and its axels beginning to rust. When Rumyati looks at it, though, she sees the vehicle which brought her family out ... More »

Peace and playtime

"A woman needs clean water to drink for a healthy pregnancy. It is hard to not have these things."

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Bijaya uses her loom each day to weave delicate Eri silk.
Bijaya: Weaving a Future

For Bijaya, a new tubewell didn’t just mean safe water for her family. It afforded her the opportunity to earn an income, and rewrite her own future.

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Babar Statement
In Memory of Dr. Babar Kabir

Today we lost a global leader, a passionate advocate for those in need and an influential force within the water, sanitation and microfinance sectors. Dr. Babar Kabir dedicated his life to changing the lives of others. Read more

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A man celebrates water in Tigray, Ethiopia. Video icon
Water gives celebrations around the world

Whether in India, Haiti, Ethiopia, or Ghana, access to safe water is a reason to sing, and dance, and jump, and cheer.

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water gives hope
Water gives Muminah hope

Thank you. Together with your support, Water.org has reached more than 3.75 million people around the world with safe water and sanitation. One of them is Mu'minah.

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water gives dreams
Water gives Sabina dreams

When you give to Water.org, water gives mothers like Sabina the ability to support their children. And their dreams.

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water gives tomorrows
Water gives Ranjaana's family tomorrows

Water gives moms like Ranjaana a chance to imagine a new tomorrow for each of her kids.

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water gives momentum
Water gives Mary momentum

When you give to Water.org, you help empower women like Mary, whose new water tank will help her small-scale farm regain economic momentum.

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water gives joy
Water gives Anah & Anisa joy

Anah gave her daughter Anisa the gift of safe water, and water gave Anisa a future – a chance to change the world.

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A woman gathers water from an open well just outside Nagpur, India. Video icon
Unsafe Water from an Open Well

Each morning, just before dawn, these women wake to face the first task of their day: gathering unsafe water from an open well.

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