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Pride In Ownership

Members of the water committee in Habeshemba, Ethiopia, check the repair toolkit for their community well. The very small monthly fees that users pay covered the cost of these tools, which are a kind of insurance against the well breaking down. Committee members are able to make the repairs themselves ... More »

Reaping the benefits of a composting toilet

Composting toilets are a win in rural India. Improved sanitation means better health for the owners and their neighbors. After the pit has been used for about a year and is getting full, they seal the pit for 6-9 months to allow heat and decomposition to kill off harmful bacteria. ... More »

A Simple Dream

For this couple, daydreams about what they could do if they had access to water were things they discussed often. Read more about how they achieved safe water at home.

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After struggling to get access to one of life’s most basic needs, Selvi feels her life is better. Learn how access to safe water changed this woman’s life.

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Water Day: A Collection

Recently shared stories from Kenya through the eye of a lens, a camera lens. Many followed along on Water Day 2014 as our team captured the raw essence of the lives and culture of those we serve. Enjoy this collection of photographs and stories.

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I appreciate’s efforts to help bring these solutions to our community.

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Access to Water Brings joy

"Now I am spending my free time with my sons, travelling different places and meeting with relatives. We are very happy for getting access to sufficient clean water and we thank DSK and"

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Celebrating Water Day

In many countries, women are responsible for finding and collecting water for their families. They walk miles, carry heavy containers, wait for hours and pay exorbitant prices. The work is back-breaking and all-consuming. Often the water is contaminated, even deadly.

In honor of Water Day 2014 celebrates what ... More »

What is Your Water Day?

For many, the day they get access to safe water is one they will never forget. honors those special moments as we celebrate Water Day 2014.

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Doubling our impact with microfinance

Building on the success of WaterCredit, co-founders Gary White and Matt Damon talk about empowering the poor through microfinance loans, and a strategy for doubling the pace at which these loans can be made, in this recent CNBC The Edge clip.

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Anything For Her Family

Most mothers will do anything for their families; even if anything means spending several hours each day just to get water. The story of a woman whose life was improved when she got access to safe water.

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Perfect Timing

With water nearby and time back on their side, this couple can work to earn money for their family. A story about the impact of's WaterCredit program.

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