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Manjula looking to her left
Few things are more valuable than time

Without a home water tap, Manjula had no choice but to carry a 20-30 pound water container back-and-forth each day to a community water tank about a kilometer from her home.

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Martina looking out her window
Find beauty in a basic necessity

Read Martina's story, then donate and help women around the world turn a basic necessity into a beautiful thing for their families.

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Gilbert standing in his doorway
Make it rain

Depending on their situation, many of the world's poor often don't need charity as much as they need access to affordable loans.

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Mary sitting behind her old water tank
Half empty, or half full?

At her home in Kenya, Mary's old water tank posed a serious risk to her and her family's health as an open barrel of standing water can quickly become a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes.

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Janki holding a water container
Get in on the ground floor

For a mother of four, access to a water connection would mean so much more than a safe drink – it would help her earn more money and improve her family's home.

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Lyos standing with children
What you've made possible

You have empowered millions of moms like Lyos to provide their families with access to safe water – and so much more.

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Erni with her husband & daughter
Being poor costs more than you think

To start the new year, let's celebrate how together, we gave one woman an opportunity to turn her own fresh start into financial independence.

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Video icon
Matt Damon On Access To Water

Access to clean water isn't just about saving lives, it's also about changing the nature of one's life and allowing them to live up to their potential as human beings. - Matt Damon, Co-Founder, Water.org

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Bachamma next to her cow
Milk Money

Bachamma and her husband live in a thatched-roof home with a covered entry where they keep their dairy cows. In addition to drinking water for her family, she needs to water their cows multiple times a day to keep up their milk production.

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Nancy sitting next to her fruit
A toilet is a beautiful thing

What if you didn’t have a toilet home? Or one even nearby? Where would you go? What if finding an answer to these questions was part of your daily life?

A toilet is something we rarely give a second thought until we need to use it. But for millions of ... More »

Woman looking through a square made by her hands
Futures Full of Possibility

“What is it you will do with your one wild and precious life?”

For 663 million others, the expense, exhaustion, disease caused by a lack of access to safe water makes it difficult to think about their future, let alone opportunities they may find in it.

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Angelina using her new water tap
Safer In So Many Ways

The village where Angelina lives with her new husband did not have access to water until recently when her municipality built water lines throughout the community. While the infrastructure was put in place, it was up to individual villagers to pay for a connection.

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