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From Indonesia is transforming more lives with safe water through new projects in Indonesia. Photographer Benjamin Heath has documented some of our work in the country, and we are pleased to share here.

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Rumyati's blue cart

To the casual observer, this tired, old cart may seem useless, its paint chipping, and its axels beginning to rust. When Rumyati looks at it, though, she sees the vehicle which brought her family out of poverty and into a better life, overflowing with safe water.

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Asmi Smiles Proudly

Asmi was eager to share her story. She described her childhood as being very difficult, because her family did not have access to water at home. It was her responsibility to walk and find it each day.

But, now, Asmi smiles proudly. By taking out a WaterCredit loan, she was ... More »

These hands

These hands have tended a garden, raised children, and cared for a dying husband. All the while, these hands have hauled bucket after heavy bucket of water every day, for many years.

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Water and birthdays

Through, Iyos and her growing family now have access to safe water at home. This means better health and many more happy birthdays for her children.

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Water for Sa’arah

In the periurban and rural communities surrounding Tangerang, Indonesia women described how, before getting access to safe water through, nearby rivers or mosque wells were the only sources of water available to them.

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Join us for World Water Day 2015

World Water Day is March 22nd — a day when the world turns its attention towards the 750 million people who lack access to safe water.

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Mu'minah in Indonesia

World Water Day is March 22nd and this year we are highlighting the expansion of our work in Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world; yet more than 37 million Indonesians lack access to safe water. Read how through lives like Mu'minah's are being changed.

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Water and sanitation at school

In Bangladesh 74.8 million people lack access to improved sanitation and almost 28 million lack access to safe water. We are pleased to share this photo from a high school in Gazipur where is working with partner organization Village Education Resource Center (VERC).

Together we are conducting a ... More »

Flipping the statistics

Sixty-four percent of the world's population have access to a toilet. In Uganda the proportion who do not have a toilet is the reverse - 23.3 million have no place to go. This is more than half the population living without access to what many take for granted. Not having ... More »

Water completes a home

“To me a good house means having a toilet and a water connection.” Read more about how through Tirotama and her husband were able to make their house a 'good house'.

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Access to Water Brings joy

"Now I am spending my free time with my sons, traveling different places and meeting with relatives. We are very happy for getting access to sufficient clean water and we thank DSK and"

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