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Jostna endured years of heartache as she watched her son fall physically ill from an unknown cause. After concluding the cause to be unsafe water, a brave Jostna did what it took to prevent her other children from suffering as well. Read about how Jostna beat her family’s water crisis.

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Family in Ragpur washing their hands
Better hygiene in Ragpur

Access to safe water and toilets are imperative to solving the global water and sanitation crisis. Yet one thing remains critical to the success of these solutions - hygiene. A read on how the people of Ragpur are practicing better hygiene.

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Mother & daughter filling up a pot with water in Bangladesh
BURO Bangladesh: Success Driven from Ambition

BURO Bangladesh has emerged as a high performer since becoming a partner in 2014.

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Mitu stands with her husaband and her sister.
Mitu will solve her family's problems

Going to the toilet in Bangladesh is not as simple was walking down the hall like in other parts of the world.

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Samta and her daughter gather water from the new system she constructed with a WaterCredit loan.
WATER: W is for Women

For Samta and her tenants in Dhaka, safe water goes beyond a drink in a glass. It's the key to living a healthy, prosperous life.

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Children playing in Baktarpur
Kids Are Playing in Baktarpur

In the slums of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, playtime can be a rarity. But when Shefaly installed a water system for her family and neighbors, her courtyard filled with smiles and laughter.

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Beauty Begun looking into the camera
Beauty Begun and her Stepdaughter

When Beauty Begun got married, her husband Manu gave her two wedding gifts: water and a stepdaughter.

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Parveen & her daughter embroider beautiful beads on Bangladeshi silk
Water gives Parveen more time

A new, household pump will give Parveen so much more than water. It’s the key to a life full of health, opportunity, and time to spend with her kids.

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Naklesh cleaning dishes

Finding and gathering water for her family had always been a burden, but when Naklesh’s youngest son was diagnosed with a water-borne infection, she took action to ensure it never happened again.

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Water and sanitation at school

In Bangladesh 74.8 million people lack access to improved sanitation and almost 28 million people lack access to safe water. is proud to work with our partner, Village Education Resource Center (VERC), to bring water to schools, like this high school in Gazipur.

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Access to Water Brings joy

"Now I am spending my free time with my sons, traveling different places and meeting with relatives. We are very happy for getting access to sufficient clean water and we thank DSK and"

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Water for Mohiuddin’s family

Each day when Mohiuddin leaves for work his wife begins her walks to collect water. She is only able to bring home what she can carry on her back, thus several trips are required. Read how through, this family now has access to water at home.

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