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Ashumar smiles while gathering water from her new, community hand pump.
Ashumar's Dream

As a mother, Ashumar’s first priority has always been a bright future for her four young kids. But walking to gather unsafe water used to make the future seem like an impossible dream.

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Women walking down a road in Ethiopia
The power of water in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has experienced recurring bouts of drought and floods for years. El Niño-induced drought devastated Ethiopia for almost the last two years and now, the recent floods have hindered much of the country’s ability to fully recover. All of this is compounded by the fact that just under half of ... More »

John Green & Bill Gates Give Water To Ethiopia

In July, author and videoblogger John Green joined Bill Gates on a trip to Ethiopia where together they observed the country’s progress in sustainable healthcare. They also observed the need for access to safe water and sanitation persists which is why they are looking to change this. Learn more ... More »

Pride In Ownership

These men are members of the water committee in Habeshemba, Ethiopia. Here they check the repair toolkit for their community well. The very small monthly fees that users pay covered the cost of these tools, which are a kind of insurance against the well breaking down. Committee members are able ... More »

Water for Girmawit Alema

The shortage of safe water has been a critical problem for the people living in the rural village of Kokeb Tsibah (Gradender), located in Wereda Gulo-Mekeda. In the absence of a better option, the community has been drinking water from an unprotected source for a long period of time.

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A shorter journey in Ethiopia

Wereda Gulo-Mekeda is located on the northern part of the Tigray regional state characterized by mountainous landscape with a limited supply of potable water. People there were suffering from this challenge, which was forcing them travel long distances to collect water.

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The Keys to a New Life

When the Ethiopian village of Enda Silassie worked with to install a new handpump, they also came together to choose a community water guardian.

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A Lighter Load in Ethiopia

Letebrehan Gerezgiher is 24 years old and has three kids; Maytsada village is living in this small village. She says,”I used to travel two hours in the dry season in search of water and then, without taking a rest, prepare food for my children and husband, clean the house yard, ... More »

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Water in Adina Faso, Ethiopia

The residents of Adina Faso used to walk four hours each day to gather unclean water, but after working together with, they now have twenty-four-hour access to clean water, right in the middle of their village.

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One Daughter's Story: Kebebush

Thanks to a new handpump in her community, Kebebush has been able to focus herself more fully on her education.

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A safer walk for water in Ethiopia

In most rural areas of Tigray, women and young girls fetch water from open wells, springs and other unprotected sources of water. These water sources are often located in distant areas and mostly contain some impurities in the form of suspended or dissolved matter. In many cases the water looks ... More »

Worms and Leeches Gone Forever

A stream full of worms, leeches and waterborne disease used to be their only option for Mezegaguf in rural Ethiopia. This community of 350, walked day to collect dirty water. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, they recently got a new well! Now, moms like Akberet Naizgi no ... More »