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Opportunity in Ghana

It is difficult to deny the side effects and suffering the lack of access to safe water can pose on a community. From the stories of these women we learn that once a well was constructed near their homes, the daily obstacle of sourcing and carrying water, that previously controlled ... More »

What a latrine can mean in Ghana

As an old woman who cannot see, it has always been a problem to find a suitable place for defecation. I was so very happy when I heard about some good people coming to support and enable us construct latrines. With the help of my family and some good community ... More »

Rebecca's community transformation

“We were barely getting enough water to live,” recalled Rebecca. “I wouldn’t even have enough water to bathe my children or wash their clothes. If you could only see the water . . . it was green!" Thanks to donors like you, today Rebecca and the 287 others in Kpando ... More »

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Guinea Worm :: April Davies podcast

Guinea Worm is an abhorrent disease that only affects four countries in the world, all of which are in Sub Saharan Africa. is working in one of them, Ghana. International Programs Manager April Davies discusses how the worm spreads through unsafe water, what happens after it has been ... More » provides innovative, market-based solutions that change lives every day through safe water and sanitation.

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