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Every mom has hopes for their children. Jacqueline shared her powerful vision for her son's future with us, just after their community installed a new, safe water system.

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Here's to no more hospital trips

Since establishing a safe water point in Bayas, Haiti, Booz Jean-Michel is happy to report he no longer has to drive sick family and friends to the hospital for treatment. Now, his community enjoys safe water and better health.

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A Town Called Bèlanje

The people of Bèlanje, Haiti once collected unsafe water from an open spring each day; thankfully, less than one kilometer away, something happened that has changed their lives.

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Safe Water in Corail Thor

After experiencing so much personal hardship and loss related to their former water source, a young girl and her family are happy to have access to safe water now. Read more...

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For Decius, the Future Looks Bright

Hopeful for an opportunity to build his skills and earn money to return to school, Decius signed up for a job as soon as he heard about the opportunity to work with and PRODEVA, and bring safe water access to his town.

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Cooking with Water

Clean water isn't just the cornerstone of life, it's the foundation of a healthy, delicious meal.

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Building a Better Future

Every single day, an unsafe, open-air water point serves about 7,500 people living in the mountains surrounding Corail Thor, Haiti. Now, our local partner ASSODLO has begun building a simple, but transformative, gravity-fed, spring-cap complex.

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Edme's Long Walk
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Three-to-four times a day, Edme hikes nearly an hour round-trip to bring five gallons (about 40lb.) of unsafe water to her mountainous home.

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Blog: A new well in Haiti

The last week of July, I visited the central plateau of Haiti, to attend an event in the small community of Belanje. With the energy of excitement and ceremony in the air, you could mistake the event for a wedding or church revival, but that's not the case. Instead, we're ... More »

The Impact of Water Committees

Drinking water is not free in Haiti. Infrastructure is expensive and in order to ensure long-term sustainability, users must contribute financially in order to support things like administration and ongoing maintenance. The presence of a water committee gives people a voice in creating solutions that are fair and equitable for ... More »

A Well Inauguration

The people of Pot 15 applaud with the joy for the well [that they now have] after three months of training to ensure that the well has a future. For several years residents had to go to neighboring communities for a drop of water. During the [well] inauguration ceremony one ... More »

Jeanne Jacque's Story

[VIDEO] Once her town rallied together, and worked with to dig a well, everything changed for Jeanne Jacque and her children.

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