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Woman crossing her hands over her dress
These hands

These hands have tended a garden, raised children, and cared for a dying husband. All the while, these hands have hauled bucket after heavy bucket of water every day, for many years.

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IKEA Foundation commits $13.9M to expand WaterCredit

(Kansas City, March 22, 2016) – IKEA Foundation today, World Water Day, announced a new grant to to expand efforts to provide safe water and sanitation to one million people in India and Indonesia. IKEA Foundation is committing $13.9 million to to expand its WaterCredit model, helping families ... More »

Water gives Sumy joy.

Sumy's favorite photograph hangs, framed, on a wall in her Indonesian home. It's her favorite photograph, because it's a picture of her five-year-old daughter Fitri smiling, all dressed up for her first day of school.

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Water and birthdays

We love sharing the stories of those whose lives have been transformed through access to safe water and sanitation. From the #StoriesWeLove, this week we are pleased to share the story of Iyos. Through, Iyos and her growing family now have access to safe water at home. This means ... More »

Rumyati's blue cart

To the casual observer, this tired, old cart may seem useless, its paint chipping, and its axels beginning to rust. When Rumyati looks at it, though, she sees the vehicle which brought her family out of poverty and into a better life, overflowing with safe water.

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water gives hope
Water Gives Muminah Hope: The Indonesian Water Crisis

Thank you. Together with your support, has reached more than 3.75 million people around the world with safe water and sanitation. One of them is Mu'minah.

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water gives joy
Water gives Anah & Anisa joy

Anah gave her daughter Anisa the gift of safe water, and water gave Anisa a future – a chance to change the world.

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Muhayanti spent most of her youth in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, after her family’s home caught on fire, they moved to Rancalabuh, a rural village outside of Tangerang, Indonesia. Muhayanti is now raising her own family in Rancalabuh. She is married with one child, a four year old daughter named Intan. ... More »

Healthier lives

Through and its partner in Indonesia, Lilis and her family now have a water tap at home. Read their story.

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Safe At Home: Anisa's Story & The Water Crisis in Indonesia

In countries where access to safe water and improved sanitation are limited, women and girls tend to struggle with the consequences the most. Read how water and a private latrine have given Anisa a sense of safety and hope.

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Erni is a wife, mother and school teacher. She and her husband have made a home for their family in a peri-urban village outside of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Erni and her family were among the more than 37 million people who lack access to safe water in Indonesia. For years they ... More »

Nureni & The Indonesian Water Crisis

Nureni is a business owner, a wife and a mother. Through she has access to a safe water tap in her kitchen. Read more about how this tap has helped her earn an income to put her son through school.

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