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Art from Kanija Village

Water means life to the families of Kanija Village in India. And because they have access to safe water children have the time and good health to attend school which is where these girls created celebratory art for their community's Water Day event.

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Usha smiling at camera
WATER: R is for Reading

When Usha built a washroom in her home, it gave her the time she needed to support her young daughter's studies.

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Children reading in a classroom in India
WATER: E is for Education

A doctor, a poet, a farmer, a nurse…we know not what the future holds for these children. But, what we do know is today; they can go to school and get an education, instead of walk to collect water.

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Jaki smiling in India
WATER: A is for Access

For a mother of four, access to a piped connection would mean so much more than just a safe drink: it would help her earn more money and improve her family's home.

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Nagveni is a teacher in teacher in the suburbs of Bangalore
A Teacher Looks to the Future

As a teacher in the suburbs of Bangalore, Nagveni teaches her young students just how important good sanitation and proper hygiene can be.

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Woman drinking from faucet in India & OpenIDEO Challenge

In partnership with OpenIDEO, recently hosted the Water and Sanitation Challenge to develop solutions to India's water and sanitation issues. Read more about the winning concepts.

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Playtime in India

For kids in India, the humid Summer and Monsoon seasons make access to safe water a playtime prerequisite.

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Rosalyn and her three-year-old daughter Varsat
Rosalyn and Varsat are Smiling

Safe water gave a young mother living near Mysore, India a more peaceful pregnancy, and the chance to watch her daughter play each day.

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Water gives women more time

Access to safe water doesn't just provide women with one of life's necessities; it can unlock the possibility of a whole new life.

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Rupali using a well
Water lets Rupali use her talents

Rupali’s new tubewell gives her safe water, and more time to weave traditional Eri clothing.

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Usha on the bed with her children
Tea time with Usha

When Usha took a WaterCredit loan to construct a bathroom, she knew it would provide her whole family with a private toilet. What she didn't know was how much more access to safe water and a toilet would give them.

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Woman standing in a field of flower in India
April Showers Bring May Flowers

A few dozen kilometers south of Bangalore, India, something new is blooming.

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