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Water gives women more time

Access to safe water doesn't just provide women with one of life's necessities; it can unlock the possibility of a whole new life.

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Water lets Rupali use her talents

Rupali’s new tubewell gives her safe water, and more time to weave traditional Eri clothing.

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Tea time with Usha

When Usha took a WaterCredit loan to construct a bathroom, she knew it would provide her whole family with a private toilet. What she didn't know was how much more access to safe water and a toilet would give them.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

A few dozen kilometers south of Bangalore, India, something new is blooming.

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Water gives children and their families health.

Even before Chaitanya was born, her mother Anita wanted to provide the best life for her new daughter – one full of song and dance and smiles.

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Water gives Ranjaana's family tomorrows.

Water gives moms like Ranjaana a chance to imagine a new tomorrow for each of her kids.

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Water gives strength
Water gives Renuka strength

Water was once the source of all Renuka's struggles. She had to walk far and wait in line to get her drinking water, and it made her absent for work.

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Peace and playtime

"A woman needs clean water to drink for a healthy pregnancy. It is hard to not have these things."

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Bijaya uses her loom each day to weave delicate Eri silk.
Bijaya: Weaving a Future

For Bijaya, a new tubewell didn’t just mean safe water for her family. It afforded her the opportunity to earn an income, and rewrite her own future.

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water gives tomorrows
Water gives Ranjaana's family tomorrows

Water gives moms like Ranjaana a chance to imagine a new tomorrow for each of her kids.

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A woman gathers water from an open well just outside Nagpur, India. Video icon
Unsafe Water from an Open Well

Each morning, just before dawn, these women wake to face the first task of their day: gathering unsafe water from an open well.

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A newly constructed toilet means a brighter future for an entire family.
When Saving Lives, Toilets Win

No other invention has saved more lives than the toilet, yet 2.4 billion people — about 1-in-3 — lack access to one.

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