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What a toilet means to 16-year-old Mbete

Mbete’s school and community got toilets and safe water for first time. Now, with some of her most basic needs met, she can focus on her education and opportunities for a better life.

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Improving access to water in Africa

Grace used to get water for her family from a nearby stream, now there is water at her house. She took a WaterCredit loan for a rain catchment system, which she has now paid off. She uses the water for domestic chores like cleaning, laundry, and even watering a ... More »

Realizing it is possible

Realizing it was possible to have safe water and a toilet at home, Margaret and her husband decided a micro-finance loan was a good solution to meet their basic needs. Read their story.

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Chicken Combo

Toilets + safe drinking water are the ultimate combo when it comes to improving health and home. This mom in Kenya took a WaterCredit loan to install pit toilets at her home. Because her water connection is piped in, there is no danger of contamination from the new toilets. Easy ... More »

Solutions in Kenya

More than 28 million people do not have access to proper sanitation in Kenya. However if given the opportunity, families can make an affordable investment in a solution like this; unlocking the potential for dignity, health and economic growth.

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Top 5 Water Stories of 2013

Christine Mbati has three children and was recently widowed. She is a member of the K’Obonyo self-help group and lives at Ulanda village.

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Margery's Two Loans

Margery took out two WaterCredit loans that allowed her to install toilets and a water storage tank. Both have brought her and her family dignity, health and comfort.

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Water for Leah's Farm

Leah lives in Ngawene village on the outskirts of Maua town with her two children – a daughter (25) and a son (18). Leah, pictured second from the right with ECLOF and staff, is a secondary level graduate and also holds an accountancy technician certificate. Leah is 50 years ... More »

Household Water in Ongata Rongai

When individuals lack household access to water, they must purchase it from another source.

This water cart was selling water for 15-20 KES (USD $0.18 and $0.24) per 20 liters in a neighborhood in Ongata Rongai, Kenya. (The average income per person in Kenya is $2.25 per day. Source: ... More »

Rainwater Harvesting

Tabitha is a 28 year old primary school graduate living within Rongai town. She lives on a 1-acre farm with her husband’s family and their 4 year old daughter. The family’s semi-permanent (corrugated sheet metal walled) bungalow houses 5 adults and 2 children, which is connected to the electricity grid. ... More »

WaterCredit in Kenya: Beth's Story

Mrs. Beth Muguru lives near Koimbi town, approximately 25 kilometers north of Muranga town where she engages in small scale farming. She took the steps necessary through her self help group to take out a WaterCredit loan to benefit her business and shared the benefits she's seen after the installation ... More »

Program officer :: Elizabeth Were

As’s Kenya Staff Program Officer, Elizabeth Were is responsible for activities such as walking beside local partners in Africa to produce high-quality project proposals and providing training for partners and beneficiaries in the communities served. [1 min]

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