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Monica and her family standing in front of their house in Peru
Safe water, sanitation, and education for Monica

Monica’s mother works in the United States and sends money home. Her funds allow Monica to study cosmetology, her younger brother to attend school, and for the family to build a home that includes a water connection and toilet.

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Children playing soccer in Peru
Making play possible

Deep in the rural hills beyond Sullana, Peru families make their homes on the high grounds above the banana farms and rice paddies. Children walk a few kilometers down dusty dirt roads to attend classes, and at the end of a warm winter’s day, return home for chores and more ... More »

Rosa in front of her new bathroom

Rosa and her husband Luis live in Peru, where they run a small convenience shop and auto repair garage from their home. Together with their two children, they lived without a finished bathroom. Thanks to WaterCredit by, they were able to build the walls and roof their bathroom needed ... More » provides innovative, market-based solutions that change lives every day through safe water and sanitation.

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