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Empowered moms empower others. A widowed mother of five, Elena was empowered to access her own safe water and sanitation solutions at home.

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Ruth is hopeful and determined. After a childhood spent collecting water, she wanted more for her adult life. She is now an artist, a wife, and an empowered mother who is changing her family’s world.

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Edita’s work around the world includes removing the financial barriers that separate poor women like Edita from access to safe water.

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Angelina using her new water tap
Safer In So Many Ways

The village where Angelina lives with her new husband did not have access to water until recently when her municipality built water lines throughout the community. While the infrastructure was put in place, it was up to individual villagers to pay for a connection.

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Marta holding a painting of her parents
Why water is so important to Marta

“It is important because I feel more comfortable and clean. My house is cleaner. I have better health now, and...a better life.”

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Jose working and with his children
Water is an investment in family

José works hard. He is driven by his desire to give his young daughters and wife a good life. Read how through access to safe water at home, José was able to do more for his family.

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Martina looking out her window
Find beauty in a basic necessity

Read Martina's story, then donate and help women around the world turn a basic necessity into a beautiful thing for their families.

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Nancy sitting next to her fruit
A toilet is a beautiful thing

What if you didn’t have a toilet home? Or one even nearby? Where would you go? What if finding an answer to these questions was part of your daily life?

A toilet is something we rarely give a second thought until we need to use it. But for millions of ... More »

Children playing soccer in Peru
Making play possible

Deep in the rural hills beyond Sullana, Peru families make their homes on the high grounds above the banana farms and rice paddies. Children walk a few kilometers down dusty dirt roads to attend classes, and at the end of a warm winter’s day, return home for chores and more ... More »

Rosa in front of her new bathroom

Rosa and her husband Luis live in Peru, where they run a small convenience shop and auto repair garage from their home. Together with their two children, they lived without a finished bathroom. Thanks to WaterCredit by, they were able to build the walls and roof their bathroom needed ... More »