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Elma’s courage gave her the strength to choose smiles over tears, to choose love over pain, and to champion safe water for her family, even when the battle seemed impossible.

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Elenita sewing bags
Life is so much better

Elenita spends her days at home sewing bags and aprons for a living. This was not always the case. Celebrate her story with us.

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Marical holding her child
Water affords opportunity

Marical and her husband are working hard to give their children opportunities above and beyond what the kids in their village experience. The first step to making this difference possible is access to safe water.

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Rosalie with her daughter in front of her home in the Philippines
She's in control now

Rosalie was eager to share her water connection with us. Rosalie used to walk to find water, or use other people’s water connections she had to budget every ounce very carefully as it was limited. The need for water affected so much of her finances and time every single day. ... More »

Luzviminda looking into the camera in the Philippines
Luzviminda Saved Her Family With a New Water Pump

In the remote villages of the Philippines, having a water pump can lead to a better life for mothers and kids alike.

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Alyssa: Water gives opportunity
Water gives entrepreneurs like Alyssa opportunity.

Days have always been full for Alyssa. Between caring for her three kids, managing a small eatery out of her home, and raising pigs for market, Alyssa never felt she had a moment to spare.

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