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Rose: Water Gives Hope
Water gives Rose hope.

When Rose was a young girl, she dropped out of school to help her mother tend to the household, and to take on the task of walking to gather water each day. It was hard work, and it wasn't her dream, but her family needed her.

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Students studying in Eden High
Education And Brighter Futures: Bringing Access To Drinking Water In Uganda

Access to safe water is the most crucial aspect of running an institution, and every school needs safe drinking water nearby. From the #StoriesWeLove, this week we are pleased to feature the story of Eden High.

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Rose standing in her doorway

In Uganda, 65% of the population lack access to improved sanitation and almost one-third of the population lack access to safe water. This is the country Rose calls home, and finally through, the water-related issues faced by so many in Uganda will no longer affect her family.

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Catching the rain

Nine million people lack access to an improved water source in Uganda. This is almost one-third of the country's population. However, the tropical climate of Uganda brings significant amounts of rain, especially during the wet seasons making useful rain catchment tanks.

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Flipping the statistics

Sixty-four percent of the world's population have access to a toilet. In Uganda the proportion who do not have a toilet is the reverse - 31.5 million have no place to go. This is more than half the population living without access to what many take for granted. Not having ... More »

Income and opportunity

Kasozi and his family make their home in a village in Mukono, Uganda. While a significant portion of the country’s population have access to water (almost 75%), many of the systems are in need of maintenance or repair to function and meet government standards. In the case of Kasozi, he ... More »

WaterCredit in Uganda

When the municipal water source proved unreliable, read how Aggrey was able to supplement his household water needs through WaterCredit.

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Improving Life In Uganda

Although Kalenzo has enjoyed many good things in life like marriage, fatherhood, and a good job, he has never experienced a safe, sanitary latrine at home. Read Kalenzo’s story…

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Water means business in Uganda

A WaterCredit loan covered the costs of materials and installation of a large rainwater collection tank for this girl's family. They use the water for household chores, and sell the excess to neighbors and local businesses for a small profit.

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Toilets Bring Change to Uganda

Prior to the introduction of pour flush toilets to Ndeeba Parish, Uganda, residents were using plastic bags as toilets and disposing of them in the drainage channels. This was causing environmental and health hazards for the people living in this slum. New technology changed all that.

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Water project brings happiness to Nadina

Today, I am a very happy woman! My water kiosk business has attracted many customers, and as a result of my good customer-care services, I receive an average of 80 customers per day. This number becomes even larger during the dry seasons.

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My new life as a kiosk operator

Because we could not afford to buy a jerry can, we had to resort to using the dirty pond for most of our household chores. We would struggle and buy one small 10-liter jerry can of clean water only for drinking. But with the new water project, I am healthier ... More »