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A better place to 'go'

Boys pose in front of two recently constructed toilet blocks in Tetuljhara, an outskirt of Savar in Bangladesh. These toilets were built as part of a community-based water and sanitation project. During meeting sessions, neighbors decided that having hygienic toilets was their community's most urgent need. With and local ... More »

For Their Safety and Health

It was through and DSK that this woman and her husband learned about the benefits of constructing a toilet at home. Read more about how WaterCredit changed their lives.

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#WhereWeWork: Six Maps

In this series, learn about some of the countries where is working to improve lives and change communities.

While we have established programs in many other countries, these images highlight some staggering statistics in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya and Uganda.

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Water means business in Uganda

A WaterCredit loan covered the costs of materials and installation of a large rainwater collection tank for this girl's family. They use the water for household chores, and sell the excess to neighbors and local businesses for a small profit.

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Mothers Around the World

The dignity and strength of women around the world is astounding - in celebration of Mother's Day, watch the inspiring stories of three mothers who broke the cycle of poverty, and forged a path to water.

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Time to Turn the Tide continues to scale the impact of our WaterCredit model as we make progress toward ending the global water crisis. Learn more about how's co-founders, Gary White and Matt Damon shared a powerful conversation at The Milken Institute Global Conference.

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Farm and Family

For this woman the opportunity to bring water closer to home came as a welcome solution to sustaining her family and their farm. Read more about how WaterCredit changed her life.

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Chicken Combo

Toilets + safe drinking water are the ultimate combo when it comes to improving health and home. This mom in Kenya took a WaterCredit loan to install pit toilets at her home. Because her water connection is piped in, there is no danger of contamination from the new toilets. Easy ... More »

Pride In Ownership

These men are members of the water committee in Habeshemba, Ethiopia. Here they check the repair toolkit for their community well. The very small monthly fees that users pay covered the cost of these tools, which are a kind of insurance against the well breaking down. Committee members are able ... More »

Reaping the benefits of a composting toilet

Composting toilets are a win in rural India. Improved sanitation means better health for the owners and their neighbors. After the pit has been used for about a year and is getting full, they seal the pit for 6-9 months to allow heat and decomposition to kill off harmful bacteria. ... More »

A Simple Dream

For this couple, dreams about what they could do if they had access to water were things they discussed often. Read more about how they achieved safe water at home.

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After struggling to get access to one of life’s most basic needs, Selvi feels her life is better. Read more about how WaterCredit empowered Selvi to do more for her family and others.

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