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Aisyah in front of her home in Indonesia

Meet Aisyah. Empowered with access to safe water at home, she changed her own world.

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Family in Ragpur washing their hands
Better hygiene in Ragpur

Access to safe water and toilets are imperative to solving the global water and sanitation crisis. Yet one thing remains critical to the success of these solutions - hygiene. A read on how the people of Ragpur are practicing better hygiene.

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Mother & daughter filling up a pot with water in Bangladesh
BURO Bangladesh: Success Driven from Ambition

BURO Bangladesh has emerged as a high performer since becoming a Water.org partner in 2014.

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Angelina using her new water tap
Safer In So Many Ways

The village where Angelina lives with her new husband did not have access to water until recently when her municipality built water lines throughout the community. While the infrastructure was put in place, it was up to individual villagers to pay for a connection.

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Elenita sewing bags
Life is so much better

Elenita spends her days at home sewing bags and aprons for a living. This was not always the case. Celebrate her story with us.

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Marical holding her child
Water affords opportunity

Marical and her husband are working hard to give their children opportunities above and beyond what the kids in their village experience. The first step to making this difference possible is access to safe water.

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Marta holding a painting of her parents
Why water is so important to Marta

“It is important because I feel more comfortable and clean. My house is cleaner. I have better health now, and...a better life.”

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Mong & Rim outside their home in Cambodia
Turning fear into freedom

Concerned for their daughters’ safety, this couple found a solution that empowered them to stop fearing what could go wrong, and start thinking about what could go right.

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Jose working and with his children
Water is an investment in family

José works hard. He is driven by his desire to give his young daughters and wife a good life. Read how through access to safe water at home, José was able to do more for his family.

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Rosalie with her daughter in front of her home in the Philippines
She's in control now

Rosalie was eager to share her water connection with us. Rosalie used to walk to find water, or use other people’s water connections she had to budget every ounce very carefully as it was limited. The need for water affected so much of her finances and time every single day. ... More »

Manjula looking to her left
Few things are more valuable than time

Without a home water tap, Manjula had no choice but to carry a 20-30 pound water container back-and-forth each day to a community water tank about a kilometer from her home.

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Janki holding a water container
Get in on the ground floor

For a mother of four, access to a water connection would mean so much more than a safe drink – it would help her earn more money and improve her family's home.

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