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Jaki smiling in India
WATER: A is for Access

For a mother of four, access to a piped connection would mean so much more than just a safe drink: it would help her earn more money and improve her family's home.

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Samta and her daughter gather water from the new system she constructed with a WaterCredit loan.
WATER: W is for Women

For Samta and her tenants in Dhaka, safe water goes beyond a drink in a glass. It's the key to living a healthy, prosperous life.

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Boy doing homework at his family’s convenience stand
Homework looks different now

An investment in a child’s education is an investment in our future. However, millions of families around the world don’t have the upfront resources to invest in two of the most critical resources for getting their kids to school – safe water and a private toilet.

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Nagveni is a teacher in teacher in the suburbs of Bangalore
A Teacher Looks to the Future

As a teacher in the suburbs of Bangalore, Nagveni teaches her young students just how important good sanitation and proper hygiene can be.

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Ashumar smiles while gathering water from her new, community hand pump.
Ashumar's Dream

As a mother, Ashumar’s first priority has always been a bright future for her four young kids. But walking to gather unsafe water used to make the future seem like an impossible dream.

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Woman drinking from faucet in India
Water.org & OpenIDEO Challenge

In partnership with OpenIDEO, Water.org recently hosted the Water and Sanitation Challenge to develop solutions to India's water and sanitation issues. Read more about the winning concepts.

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Safe Water Gives Play

When kids have access to safe water, there is more time to play!

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Women walking down a road in Ethiopia
The power of water in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has experienced recurring bouts of drought and floods for years. El Niño-induced drought devastated Ethiopia for almost the last two years and now, the recent floods have hindered much of the country’s ability to fully recover. All of this is compounded by the fact that just under half of ... More »

Children playing soccer in Peru
Making play possible

Deep in the rural hills beyond Sullana, Peru families make their homes on the high grounds above the banana farms and rice paddies. Children walk a few kilometers down dusty dirt roads to attend classes, and at the end of a warm winter’s day, return home for chores and more ... More »

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Playtime in India

For kids in India, the humid Summer and Monsoon seasons make access to safe water a playtime prerequisite.

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Children playing in Baktarpur
Kids Are Playing in Baktarpur

In the slums of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, playtime can be a rarity. But when Shefaly installed a water system for her family and neighbors, her courtyard filled with smiles and laughter.

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Rosalyn and her three-year-old daughter Varsat
Rosalyn and Varsat are Smiling

Safe water gave a young mother living near Mysore, India a more peaceful pregnancy, and the chance to watch her daughter play each day.

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