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A newly constructed toilet means a brighter future for an entire family.
When Saving Lives, Toilets Win

No other invention has saved more lives than the toilet, yet 2.4 billion people — about 1-in-3 — lack access to one.

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Sharda's new water connection has brought her a better life. Video icon
Sharda's New Water Connection

Water was once Sharda’s biggest worry, but her new household tap has brought her a better life, a blossoming garden, and the joy of stronger friendships.

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Rosa in front of her new bathroom

Rosa and her husband Luis live in Peru, where they run a small convenience shop and auto repair garage from their home. Together with their two children, they lived without a finished bathroom. Thanks to WaterCredit by Water.org, they were able to build the walls and roof their bathroom needed ... More »

How access to safe water fuels income.
Access to safe water fuels income and opportunity

Through Water.org, women are getting access to safe water at home. With safe water at home, women have time to focus on other things, such as a job. From farming, to sewing, to selling snacks, this photo series tells the stories of women who spend their new found time earning ... More »

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Making Good Hygiene Fun

Teaching kids in India to practice good hygiene can be a tricky subject, but our in-country partners have found ways to make education fun: silly skits, contests, and fun sing-alongs like the one seen in this video.

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One Wonderful Moment: A family dedicates their tap. Video icon
One Wonderful Moment

Celebrate with this family in India, as they receive water access in their home – for the very first time!

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How the global water crisis affects women.
Photos documenting water access for women around the world

Through Water.org women are getting access to safe water at home. This series of photos documents what that looks like in six different countries.

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Matt Damon Wants Safe Water for All Video icon
Matt Damon Wants Safe Water for All

Matt Damon's message: making SDG #6 a priority is the key to sustainable development around the world.

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An open well outside Nagpur, India. Video icon
An Open Well, A Daily Struggle

Each morning, this woman gathers unsafe water from an open well just outside Nagpur, India.

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Muhayanti spent most of her youth in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, after her family’s home caught on fire, they moved to Rancalabuh, a rural village outside of Tangerang, Indonesia. Muhayanti is now raising her own family in Rancalabuh. She is married with one child, a four year old daughter named Intan. ... More »


Finding and gathering water for her family had always been a burden, but when Naklesh’s youngest son was diagnosed with a water-borne infection, she took action to ensure it never happened again.

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In Kenya, more than 40% of the population live in poverty, and 17.5 million people lack access to safe water. Because access to water is limited, villagers in Gaichajira like Ngugi look to distant sources to find water for their families.

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