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Safe Water At Last

"We are thankful, now we can go to work easily and do not have to take time off from working for collecting water."

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Water Gets Kids to School On Time

Her children were late for school because they were busy getting water to survive. This became a problem.

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Water Ends a Frustrating Cycle

As with many families in communities where access to water is limited, Madduramma and her children faced a frustrating cycle of challenges that could only be resolved by having better access to water.

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Solutions in Kenya

More than 28 million people do not have access to proper sanitation in Kenya. However if given the opportunity, families can make an affordable investment in a solution like this; unlocking the potential for dignity, health and economic growth.

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IKEA Foundation to help 180,000 get safe water

The IKEA Foundation awarded $6 million to help people access safe water through two innovative programs: WaterCredit, a microfinance program that gives families small loans to meet their water and sanitation needs, and the New Ventures Fund to search for new solutions to the global water crisis.

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Making Toilets Affordable

Shanti, from Katihar, Bihar did not have a toilet at her house and used to go to the railway tracks for open defection. It always seemed awkward to defecate in open; especially when there were trains passing through, however, due to financial constraints they could never construct a toilet in ... More »

For Decius, the Future Looks Bright

Hopeful for an opportunity to build his skills and earn money to return to school, Decius signed up for a job as soon as he heard about the opportunity to work with and PRODEVA, and bring safe water access to his town.

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Changing Lives Through Masonry

Kathirvel is 65 years old and a retired mason. Although he is retired, he now uses his expertise in masonry to work constructing toilets for families who have taken out loans through's WaterCredit program. He has built 200 toilets in the last year. He is training other masons to ... More »

Top 5 Water Stories of 2013

Christine Mbati has three children and was recently widowed. She is a member of the K’Obonyo self-help group and lives at Ulanda village.

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Matt Damon & Gary White Say Thanks

The success of the past year would not have been possible without your support. To everyone who contributes to bring safe water and sanitation to the world, we thank you.

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Best Videos of 2013
2013 Top Videos: #5 Next »

As we look back at a tremendous year, we invite you to join us in celebrating with five of our best videos from 2013!

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Education, A Good First Step’s experience has proven it is best to not only empower a community to own and maintain their water and sanitation facilities, but to also educate the members on how to maximize the benefits of those resources.

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