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Tortillas flipped on flat-top grill
Something To Gather Around

For centuries a meal has served as more than sustenance.

Whether simple or extravagant, around the world meals are known to bring people together for fellowship, celebration, and giving thanks.

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Dora and Moses standing together
Empowering Entrepreneurs In Peru

The distance between Dora, Moses, and safe water seemed far, until they learned how Water.org could help bring them closer together.

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Students of the Kanija Village in India
Art from Kanija Village

Water means life to the families of Kanija Village in India. And because they have access to safe water children have the time and good health to attend school which is where these girls created celebratory art for their community's Water Day event.

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Mitu stands with her husaband and her sister.
Mitu will solve her family's problems

Going to the toilet in Bangladesh is not as simple was walking down the hall like in other parts of the world.

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Usha smiling at camera
WATER: R is for Reading

When Usha built a washroom in her home, it gave her the time she needed to support her young daughter's studies.

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Children reading in a classroom in India
WATER: E is for Education

A doctor, a poet, a farmer, a nurse…we know not what the future holds for these children. But, what we do know is today; they can go to school and get an education, instead of walk to collect water.

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A young girl living in rural Kenya waits all morning for water to come out from a natural spring.
WATER: T is for Tears

When a young girl in Kenya wept over missing school, it caused one of Water.org's East Africa staff to cry. But the same employee has also seen how access to safe water can bring tears of joy.

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Jaki smiling in India
WATER: A is for Access

For a mother of four, access to a piped connection would mean so much more than just a safe drink: it would help her earn more money and improve her family's home.

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Samta and her daughter gather water from the new system she constructed with a WaterCredit loan.
WATER: W is for Women

For Samta and her tenants in Dhaka, safe water goes beyond a drink in a glass. It's the key to living a healthy, prosperous life.

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Boy doing homework at his family’s convenience stand
Homework looks different now

An investment in a child’s education is an investment in our future. However, millions of families around the world don’t have the upfront resources to invest in two of the most critical resources for getting their kids to school – safe water and a private toilet.

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Nagveni is a teacher in teacher in the suburbs of Bangalore
A Teacher Looks to the Future

As a teacher in the suburbs of Bangalore, Nagveni teaches her young students just how important good sanitation and proper hygiene can be.

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Ashumar smiles while gathering water from her new, community hand pump.
Ashumar's Dream

As a mother, Ashumar’s first priority has always been a bright future for her four young kids. But walking to gather unsafe water used to make the future seem like an impossible dream.

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