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The Wait Is Over

He has many reasons to smile. Here, Mahadev smiles because his family now has access to safe water. Read his story.

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In a day

This month is highlighting a few of the stories we love. You might consider Manjula’s morning routine — first out of bed, get dressed, do some chores, wake the kids, give them baths, make breakfast, off to school and work — as pretty standard. But in a home without ... More »

Time for more in life

Beema and her family live in a village in Tirunelveli, a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Water sourced from the Tamirabarani River is provided by the municipality here, however Beema must walk several blocks to a public source to collect water each day. Her wait at ... More »

Water for Mohiuddin’s family

Each day when Mohiuddin leaves for work his wife begins her walks to collect water. She is only able to bring home what she can carry on her back, thus several trips are required. Read how through, this family now has access to water at home.

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Stella Artois supports

Stella Artois is supporting through the ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’ campaign. Through their support, Stella Artois will help stop the journeys women around the world make to collect water.

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Income and opportunity

Kasozi and his family make their home in a village in Mukono, Uganda. While a significant portion of the country’s population have access to water (almost 75%), many of the systems are in need of maintenance or repair to function and meet government standards. In the case of Kasozi, he ... More »

A washroom for Hartati's family

Hartati and her husband live in Tangerang, an urban city in the Province of Banten, Indonesia. Like 29% of those in Indonesia who do not have access to toilets at home, Hartati and her husband have always struggled to find safe, clean places for their family to bathe and relieve ... More »

Here's to brighter futures

After learning about WaterCredit, a program from that puts financial tools to work in the water sector, Poppy and her husband took out a loan to install a submersible pump at home. Now Poppy and her family have safe water just outside their door. Read how having access to ... More »

Here's to no more hospital trips

Since establishing a safe water point in Bayas, Haiti, Booz Jean-Michel is happy to report he no longer has to drive sick family and friends to the hospital for treatment. Now, his community enjoys safe water and better health.

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Here's to beautiful rainy days

Grace and her family had always hoped to be able to afford a rainwater catchment system and water tank. Grace envisioned the day when her young daughter wouldn’t have to walk to collect water. Now, with every rainy day, her hope turns into a beautiful reality.

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Here's to a future doctor in India

Through’s WaterCredit program Vijaylakshmi and her family have their very own toilet. No longer do they have to walk to an open field at odd hours, fearing for their safety, and wasting what could be valuable time, just to find a place to relieve themselves.

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Here's to opportunity

Vimala, Rangaraj and their family now have affordable access to safe water at home. Before, they had to spend three hours a day carrying it from a communal source. The family now has easy access to safe water, creating more time and energy for a better life. Read about how ... More » provides innovative, market-based solutions that change lives every day through safe water and sanitation.

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