Haiti Water & Sanitation Solutions: Recent Posts

A Well Inauguration

The people of Pot 15 applaud with the joy for the well [that they now have] after three months of training to ensure that the well has a future. For several years residents had to go to neighboring communities for a drop of water. During the [well] inauguration ceremony one ... More »

Spring Catchment in Haiti

A spring is water that reaches the surface from an underground supply, appearing as small water holes or wet spots on hillsides or along river banks. In order to "catch" the water for use, the spring must be capped, allowing the water to pool up into the cement block. In ... More »

Urban water collection in Haiti

No matter how many times one visits the developing world, it seems there is always another shocking image around every corner. Last week in Port-au-Prince we followed several people to collect water. After traversing a trash-lined creek bed and about 300 meters from the road we came across this scene ... More »

A New Start in Haiti

Immediately following the inauguration ceremony, this woman collects her first bucket of water from a new well.

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