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Background :: April Davies

April Davies joined as international programs manager after first spending time in El Salvador as a water and sanitation Peace Corps volunteer. After the Peace Corps, she returned home to Kansas where she worked in public health. Not long after, she decided to pursue international health. Davies received her ... More »

Program officer :: Elizabeth Were

As’s Kenya Staff Program Officer, Elizabeth Were is responsible for activities such as walking beside local partners in Africa to produce high-quality project proposals and providing training for partners and beneficiaries in the communities served. [1 min]

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Hygiene education :: April Davies podcast focuses on three elements in every project – water, sanitation, and health and hygiene education. International Programs Manager April Davies explains why this approach is most effective, as well as why people may not have soap, what the alternatives are to using soap, and what goes into teaching ... More »

Partner process :: Dr. Thorsten podcast

Once decides to work and invest in a new country, it must find high-quality local partners to certify. Director of International Programs Rich Thorsten explains the partner certification timeline and process. [2 min]

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New countries :: Dr. Thorsten podcast

Under what circumstances does expand its work to a new country and what does that process look like? Director of International Programs Rich Thorsten explains. [2 min]

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Infrastructure :: Keith Stamm podcast Chief Operating Officer Keith Stamm talks about water and sanitation infrastructure in the developed and developing world. This means examining the government’s involvement, the other investments required to create this, the utility customer’s role, and how he sees it developing over time. [2 min]

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WaterCredit :: Gary White podcast

Are all people living in poverty equally poor? Today, there is largely only one solution – a charitable solution – for the nearly one billion people who lack access to safe water and the 2.6 billion people without a toilet. Co-Founder and Executive Director Gary White shares why this ... More »

Technology :: Gary White podcast

How will developing innovations around technology impact those in need of safe water and sanitation? Co-Founder and Executive Director Gary White says it’s not by just looking at the forces in the water space itself, but also at trends and forces on the outside. This means asking questions such ... More »

Why Water :: Keith Stamm podcast

Why water? Why sanitation? Chief Operating Officer Keith Stamm talks briefly about what attracted him to not only these issues, but to and its approach to delivering solutions. [1 min]

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Utilities :: Keith Stamm

Utility companies in the U.S. work with potential customers to connect them to the main service, sometimes even offering loans and repayment plans built into their utility bill. Why couldn’t this work for those in the developing world too? Chief Operating Officer Keith Stamm talks about a few ways ... More »

The Four F’s :: April Davies podcast International Programs Manager April Davies describes “The Four F’s” as defined in public health as the ways people can get sick when they ingest feces. [2 min]

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Sept 1 Conference Call’s International Programs Manager, Laura Ralston, talked about our work in Haiti, and’s Chief Community Officer, Mike McCamon, shared about our unique field reporting tool, The call ends with an open question and answer session.

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