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Ranjana's Story

After Ranjana took out a WaterCredit loan to build her family a toilet, their lives changed forever. Watch as she shares their story, and read more about how a toilet had such a positive effect on her life.

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A Town Called Bèlanje

The people of Bèlanje, Haiti once collected unsafe water from an open spring each day; thankfully, less than one kilometer away, something happened that has changed their lives.

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Playtime in India!

More than anything else, kids love to run, and jump, and ride bikes, and play! In Gangondanahalli, India, access to safe water and proper sanitation has made playtime more fun.

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Give A Kid A Summer

Summer is a time for fun and play. But for the millions of kids who don't have access to safe water, the carefree joys of summer are a world away. Give kids safe water, and give them everything summer is meant to be.

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Mothers Around the World

The dignity and strength of women around the world is astounding - in celebration of Mother's Day, watch the inspiring stories of three mothers who broke the cycle of poverty, and forged a path to water.

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Time to Turn the Tide continues to scale the impact of our WaterCredit model as we make progress toward ending the global water crisis. Learn more about how's co-founders, Gary White and Matt Damon shared a powerful conversation at The Milken Institute Global Conference.

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What is Your Water Day?

For many, the day they get access to safe water is one they will never forget. honors those special moments as we celebrate Water Day 2014.

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Matt Damon & Gary White Say Thanks

The success of the past year would not have been possible without your support. To everyone who contributes to bring safe water and sanitation to the world, we thank you.

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Best Videos of 2013
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As we look back at a tremendous year, we invite you to join us in celebrating with five of our best videos from 2013!

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A Town Called Bèlanje - Part 1

The people of Bèlanje, Haiti collect unsafe water from this open spring every day. Thankfully, less than one kilometer away, something is happening that will change their lives forever...

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What Can 3,000 Rupees Do?
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3,000 Indian rupees is only ~$45 USD, but according to Bobby G., the director of our Central-Indian partner ESAF, providing a WaterCredit loan for that small ... More »

Cooking with Water

Clean water isn't just the cornerstone of life, it's the foundation of a healthy, delicious meal.

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