Forum agenda:

  • 12:30pm - Lunch
  • 1:30pm - Registration
  • 1:45pm - Keynote speech
  • 1:55pm - Session 1: New age financing for WASH - This session will focus on the evolving contours of the ODF-S scenario in India and the need to address the emerging requirements for credit. In the present scenario microcredit has been the cornerstone of credit financing for WASH. However, given the mandate of ODF-S there is an pressing need to both broaden and deepen the scope of credit financing options in this space. The session will examine the concepts of sanitation bonds, credit guarantees and interest subvention and how these can intensify the impact of WASH financing. When put in practice these mechanisms have the potential to revolutionize the way in which India is addressing its WASH related issues and the solutions around this. 
  • 2:50pm - Tea break
  • 3:10pm - Session 2: Building a sustainable WASH ecosystem - This session includes a short presentation on creating a sustainable WASH ecosystem and will also throw light on’s ongoing WASH ecosystem work in Maharashtra. The bulk of the presentation will look at the concept of the WASH ecosystem that is presently being piloted by in Maharashtra. The WASH ecosystem looks at an integrated approach that connects demand generation and behavioral change activities to ready credit financing. The model looks beyond the current financing of individual WASH assets and towards activating a multiple locus for collaborations. These partnerships will be between financial institutions, media, multilaterals, bilaterals, MSME’s and technology providers to provide a holistic and sustainable solution for the last mile beneficiary. Using a unique approach of demand generation, media activation and financial inclusion the proposed model seeks to inform consumers of not just the criticality of water and sanitation services but also of the availability and adoption of credit financing. The model also addresses the current lack of participation of MSME’s, WASH entrepreneurs, and, solid & liquid waste management systems.

  • 4:15pm - Short documentary/voice of the customer
  • 4:25pm - Session 3: Financing for WASH enterprises - This includes a short presentation on financial models for fecal sludge management, as well as deliberation on the importance of mature and thriving MSMEs in addressing the growing requirements of communities as they adopt and internalize sustainable WASH practices. Currently, there is a significant lack of investment towards micro-entrepreneurs who are service providers in the sanitation space. This in turn has a ripple effect across the value chain and adversely impacts communities through limited employment opportunities and inadequate capital mobilization for the entrepreneur. Facilitating increased investments in WASH MSMEs will reverse this trend and will create see the uptake of more capital intensive projects like Fecal Sludge Management plants, water treatment plants and community based sanitation solutions, etc.
  • 5:25pm - Closing

This event is supported by the IKEA Foundation.

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