Resources available for your use

As part of our vision of safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all, we’ve gathered and organized resources for media members and partners to help access, understand, and share information about our work.

If you are a member of the media, please feel free to download our press kit


Resources_Img-1.jpg photos are available on Flickr. All photos are offered under a creative commons license and are free to use with proper attribution — “photo credit to”



Published videos are available for use on YouTube. Please provide proper attribution when sharing - "video credit to" We also have B-Roll available for use, upon request. Contact us with questions.

Stories from the field

India - School

We find the most compelling way to share our impact is through the stories of those we empower. has many stories from the field that show the impact that access to safe water and sanitation has in changing lives and creating bright futures. Here are our stories available for use.

Logo files


Download the logo files and usage guidelines here. 

Water crisis facts

Water Crisis Facts

Download's key water and sanitation crisis facts here.

Our impact Impact

Visit Our Impact page to learn more about how many people we've reached around the world and visit Our Work page to learn about our solutions.