• 1990

    A humble beginning

    Gary creates WaterPartners International, a forerunner to Water.org, to help Latin American communities impacted by the water crisis.


    Woman carries a water vessel in Honduras
  • 2003

    A new solution

    The WaterCredit Initiative® is created, making loans for water and sanitation more accessible to families living in developing countries around the world.

    Water.org Co-founder Gary White in India
  • 2009

    Water.org is born

    After meeting at an international summit on global poverty, Gary and Matt discovered their approaches and strengths complemented each other - and Water.org was born.

    Water.org Co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White in India
  • 2019

    Scaling our impact

    Our smart solutions are working and scaling at an unprecedented rate. We've now reached more than 22 million people, more than 6 million in the past year alone.

    Woman holds a water vessel in India
Boy walks street in Kirigu, Kenya

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