Brazil's water and sanitation crisis

Despite having one of the largest economies and highest water availability in the world, there are still deep inequalities in access to water and sanitation among Brazil’s geographical regions, rural and urban communities and households. Out of its population of 212 million people, 30 million people (14% of the population) lack access to a reliable, safely managed source of water, and 109 million people (51%) lack access to safely managed household sanitation facilities.

For those who do have access to safe water, the water supply downtime, disruption in service and deficiencies in drinking water systems remain challenging. Current challenges include getting consistent access to water in urban areas (where water is less available), developing infrastructure that reaches people living in more rural areas, and managing the growing sewage treatment issue caused by lack of improved sanitation solutions.

Brazil is heavily dependent on hydraulic energy and droughts impact all Brazilians from reducing the supply of food developed by farms and agribusinesses of all sizes, to affecting the financial expenses of families across the country as inflation increases. Affordable access to safe water and sanitation at home is critical for families in Brazil.

  • Stories of Impact

    Today Andreia and her family have safe water at home

    For years, Andreia’s family didn't have access to safe water on their property. Andreia knew her kids' childhoods could be full of learning, playtime, and healthy days if Andreia could find an affordable way to give them the safe water needed to survive and thrive.

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  • Stories of Impact

    Cirliane's water crisis is over

    Cirliane lives in a rural farming village in Brazil. Cirliane and her husband, Gean, needed access to safe water at home so they could effectively run their farming and baking businesses and, more importantly, so they could protect the health of their baby boy, Joae.

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  • Stories of Impact

    Against all odds, this dad gave his family safe water at home

    It is because of generous donors that this dad in Brazil got what he needed to solve his family’s water crisis. When it seemed like all odds were against Jonas, your support made it possible for him to access an affordable, long-term safe water solution, that has changed his family’s lives.

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    Jonas, from Brazil

Brazil impact statistics

People reached 454,000

The number of people who now have access to safe water or sanitation and the health and opportunity they bring.

Capital mobilized (USD) $82 million

Our partners mobilize funds from capital markets to provide water and sanitation loans.

Loans disbursed 125,000

Our local partners make loans to people in need for life-changing safe water and sanitation solutions.

Number of active partners 6

We work with financial institutions, service providers, international agencies, and governments to make an impact.

Repayment rate 99%

Every repaid loan means another family in need can get affordable access to safe water at home.

Average loan size (USD) $654

Small loans can help make a big difference by providing long-term solutions for families in need around the world.

Percent of women borrowers 54%

Women are primarily responsible for household water collection and are solving the water crisis for their families.

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