Meet our team

We are For more than 25 years, we've made it our mission to bring water and sanitation to the world. We have offices and staff members in the U.S., Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru and the Philippines, led by our CEO and Co-founder, Gary White and President, Jennifer Schorsch.

Meet the team of experts making a change for millions around the world.

Founders & President

Gary White and Matt Damon met and founded in 2009. As the organization grew, Jennifer joined them to help oversee the day-to-day operations for our growing global staff and network of partners. Co-founder Gary White and board members in Kansas City, Missouri

Adam Schechter

Executive Vice President, Merck

Andy Sareyan

President & CEO, Andrews McMeel Universal

Anil Arora

Chief Executive, Envestnet | Yodlee

Beth Friedman

Founder, inher circle

Cortney Erin

Head of Global Technical Recruiting, Facebook

Cynthia Fisher

Founder and Managing Director, WaterRev, LLC

Hilary Schneider


Jill Nash

Strategic Communications Consultant

Jodi Kahn


Keith Quinn

Principal, Black Lamp Inc.

Larry Tanz

Vice President of Content Acquisition, Netflix

Lynn Taliento

Partner, McKinsey Social Sector Practice in the Americas

Dr. Paul O’Connell

President and Managing Partner, FDO Partners, LLC

Sandra Naftzger

Owner / Manager

Terry Trayvick

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Level Five, LLC

Tony Stayner

Partner, Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

U.S. Staff
  • Alix-Ines Lebec

    Director of Business Development & Investor Relations, WaterEquity

  • Allison Pinkowski

    Lead Marketing Associate

  • Ann Marie Castleman

    Senior Analyst, MEL

  • Anne Corless

    Marketing Associate

  • Annie Tolbert

    Administrative Coordinator

  • April Davies

    Senior Regional Manager, Latin America

  • Ben Mandell

    Senior Portfolio Manager, South Asia

  • Berni Hollis

    Senior Web Developer, MEL

  • Brandan Deason

    Graphic Designer

  • Breely Bennett

    Manager, Corporate Accounting

  • Brooke Parker

    Learning and Development Manager

  • Cara Lawrence

    Director of Human Resources

  • Casey Pessetto

    Senior International Accountant

  • Catherine Colyer

    Director of Regulatory Compliance, WaterEquity

  • Charley Young

    Corporate Accountant

  • Claire Lyons

    Senior Strategist, Enabler Partnerships

  • David Friedman

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Derek Poulton

    Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia

  • Elan Emanuel

    Senior Manager, Business Development and Investor Relations, WaterEquity

  • Emily Hane

    Grants Specialist

  • Erin Prock

    Marketing Associate

  • Eva Taravilla

    Senior Regional Manager, Southeast Asia

  • Gabrielle Puz

    Senior Portfolio Manager, South Asia

  • Geoff Wise

    Financial Analyst, WaterEquity

  • Gina Zanolli

    Manager, Office of the CEO

  • Hannah Kovich

    Investor Relations Manager, WaterEquity

  • Hasan Andalib

    Portfolio Manager, WaterEquity

  • Heather Arney

    Senior Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

  • Janet Tinsley

    Senior Regional Manager, Africa

  • Jeff Borchardt

    Controller, WaterEquity

  • Jennifer Iverson

    Senior Portfolio Manager, Latin America

  • Jennifer Paprotna

    Strategic Development Officer

  • Jeremiah Pierce

    Manager, International Accounting

  • Jessica Bernard

    Communications Manager, WaterEquity

  • Jessica Jacobson

    Senior Strategist, WaterCredit Adoption

  • John Moyer

    Director of Portfolio Development, WaterEquity

  • John Schwarzlose

    Data and Reporting Analyst, MEL

  • Josh Gunkel

    Director of Technology

  • Julie LaGuardia

    Senior Strategist, Brand Partnerships

  • Kat Faulkner

    Senior Marketing Associate

  • Katrina Green

    Project Coordinator

  • Kelly Braunegg

    Donor Database Specialist

  • Khunapong Khunaraksa

    Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia

  • Laney Beaman

    Administrative Coordinator, WaterEquity

  • Laura Ralston

    Senior Portfolio Manager, Africa

  • Lesley Pories

    Senior Sector Analyst, Enabler Partnerships

  • Leslie Walsh

    Senior HR Generalist

  • Linea Cooley

    HR Generalist

  • Lisa Masoner-Ford

    Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO

  • Madeleine Dy

    Senior Portfolio Manager, Africa

  • Maggie Goble

    Senior Grants Specialist

  • Margarita Salasyuk

    Senior Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia

  • Melanie Mendrys

    Director of Brand Marketing & Communications

  • Michael Mayernik

    Manager, Strategic Alliances

  • Michaela Jacobson

    Senior Recruiter

  • Morée Scofield

    Community Manager

  • Nancy Eslinger


  • Nathalie Marshall

    Senior HR Generalist

  • Nicole Wickenhauser

    Director of Strategic Alliances

  • Nozomi Witherspoon

    Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Patty Robertson

    Grants Manager

  • Paul Cohoon

    Staff Accountant, WaterEquity

  • Paul Roman

    Senior International Accountant

  • Rachel Brumbaugh

    Global Operations Director

  • Rachel Comment

    Senior Business Continuity Specialist

  • Rajash Sarin

    Senior Regional Manager, South Asia

  • Rich Thorsten

    Chief Programs Officer

  • Robert Simcoe

    International Accountant

  • Rosemary Gudelj

    Senior Advisor, Public Affairs

  • Rupa Bidap

    Portfolio Manager

  • Sambhu Rathi

    Senior Researcher, MEL

  • Sonal Gaurishanker

    Portfolio Manager, South Asia

  • Tara Rowe

    Accounting Clerk

  • Tascha Alvarez von Gustedt

    Portfolio Manager, Strategic Alliances

  • Thai Williams

    Financial Analyst

  • Tom Light

    Managing Director, WaterEquity

  • Tracy Jackson

    Website Analyst

  • Vince Carney

    Software Architect

  • Zehra Shabbir

    Senior Learning Specialist, MEL

Africa Staff
  • Alice Maina

    Financial Auditor/Accountant, Kenya

  • Anthony Githinji

    Senior Programs Manager, Kenya

  • Caleb Metoh

    Office Assistant, Kenya

  • Edna Onchiri

    External Relations Manager, Kenya

  • Mary Ngunjiri

    Program Manager, Kenya

  • Salfiso Kitabo

    Country Director, Ethiopia

Asia Staff
  • Abhishek Anand

    Project Manager, India

  • Abu Aslam

    Programs Manager, Bangladesh

  • Ade Rachmawan

    Programs Manager, Indonesia

  • Alethea Ofreneo

    Programs Manager, Philippines

  • Andi Musfarayani

    External Relations Manager, Indonesia

  • Anitta Mankhin

    Research & Development Officer, Bangladesh

  • Ann Carl Bailey

    Programs Manager, Philippines

  • Ari Pramudito

    CBO Program Manager, Indonesia

  • Arumugam Gurusamy

    Senior Manager, Business Operations, India

  • Avudai Nayakam

    Programs Manager, India

  • Carlos Ani

    Country Director, Philippines

  • D Buvaneswari

    Senior Programs Manager, India

  • Diwakar Das

    Monitoring & Evaluation Manager, India

  • Dwinita Wulandini

    Programs Manager, Indonesia

  • Elvira Yoanita

    WaterCredit Program Manager, Indonesia

  • Gusril Abdullah

    Country Director, Indonesia

  • Hariri Kahar

    Program Manager, Indonesia

  • Indra Bhuwono

    Programs Manager, Indonesia

  • Jocelyn Alcoreza

    Administrative and Program Support Officer, Philippines

  • Khadiza Ahmed

    Programs Manager, Bangladesh

  • Kiki Tazkiyah

    WaterCredit Analyst, Indonesia

  • Manoj Gulati

    Executive Director, India

  • Neha Yadav

    Learning & Development Specialist, India

  • PM Jose

    Programs Manager, India

  • Pon Aananth

    Senior Programs Manager, India

  • Pravin Samuel

    Project Accountant, India

  • Rachmad Hidayad

    Senior Programs Manager, Indonesia

  • Rajeswari Pandiyarajan

    Administrative Assistant, India

  • Ratna Diektikana

    Administrative Assistant, Indonesia

  • Reaj Uddin

    Finance and Admin Manager, Bangladesh

  • Renata Fauzia

    Program Manager, Indonesia

  • Reny Yuniawati

    Office Administrator, Indonesia

  • S. Karthikeyan

    Accounts Specialist, India

  • Sajid Amit

    Country Director, Bangladesh

  • Seshana Aviananda

    Programs Manager, Indonesia

  • Sofie Ariani

    WaterCredit Officer, Indonesia

  • Sophy Frency

    Administrative Officer, India

  • Sudhir Arya

    Program Manager, India

  • Vedika Bhandarkar

    Managing Director, India

  • Widiyatmoko

    Programs Manager, Indonesia

South America Staff
  • Manuel Cases

    Programs Manager, Peru

  • Victor Hugo Urcia

    Country Director, Peru

  • Yanina Rumiche

    WaterCredit Analyst, Peru

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