Corporations, foundations and individuals provide critical funding to change lives with safe water.

Funding partners


Financial institutions and other partners in the countries where we work lend for water and sanitation, helping those in need in their own communities.

Implementing partners


Global partners representing development finance institutions, agencies and governments help us expand financing for water and sanitation.

Global engagement partners

Brands making a big impact

For more than a decade, the IKEA Foundation and joined forces to drive innovation in the water sector and improve the health and well-being of children. Through the expansion of WaterCredit in Bangladesh and support of our New Ventures Fund, this partnership accelerated progress and helped more than 10 million people gain access to safe water or sanitation.

Since 2015, Stella Artois (a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev) and have helped provide access to safe water for more than 4.5 million people in the developing world. By purchasing limited edition Chalices and other Stella Artois products, consumers were empowered to support our vision. Learn more.

The Bank of America Foundation has supported since 2011, bringing safe water or sanitation to more than 920,000 people in India and 26,000 people in Brazil. This partnership aims to reach 600,000 more people around the world by the end of 2024, accelerating positive change for people in need through our WaterCredit solution.

We partner with these corporations and foundations and others like them to change lives with safe water and sanitation. Together, we are making a big impact for the people that need it the most.

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Together we can change millions of lives with safe water.