Kenya's water and sanitation crisis

With a population of 54 million, 15 million Kenyans lack access to safe water and 37 million lack access to a safe toilet.

Growing water demand and water scarcity have turned into a notable challenge in Kenya. Climate change, population growth, urbanization, water pollution, and poor management of water resources have aggravated the issue of the water crisis, which affects economic activities, food security, education, and health. These challenges are especially evident in rural areas and urban slums where people are often unable to connect to piped water infrastructure.

Access to safe water and sanitation at home changes everything for families in Kenya, giving them time to learn, earn, and care for their farms and families.
  • Stories of Impact

    Creating climate resilience through sustainable solutions

    When Saphia first started farming, he struggled to grow healthy crops because he lacked an adequate supply of water. Saphia lives in a region in Kenya where the adverse effects of climate change, like drought, impact the ability of farmers to sustain their crops and livestock. The water sources are regularly dry and their wells are often not dug deep enough into the earth to source water. Read more to find out how Saphia overcame the effects of climate change in his region to ensure he could grow food and provide for his family.

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  • Stories of Impact

    Phoebe shortened the distance between her family and safe water

    While she is soft spoken and gentle-hearted, Phoebe’s decision to finance a safe water solution for her family was nothing shy of bold and life-changing. Prior to giving her family a lasting safe water solution at home, Phoebe humbly drew upon every ounce of strength in her body to endure what she refers to as a daily journey to collect water. Then Phoebe's life changed when she was given the opportunity to finance a lasting safe water solution at home.

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  • Stories of Impact

    To the day her life changed

    Today is a day to celebrate because today Ann and her family in Kenya have lasting access to safe water at home. Read more about how a small loan made a long term safe water source possible for Ann's family and other families in her community.

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Kenya impact statistics

People reached 6.7 million

The number of people who now have access to safe water or sanitation and the health and opportunity they bring.

Capital mobilized (USD) $686 million

Our partners mobilize funds from capital markets to provide water and sanitation loans.

Loans disbursed 1.6 million

Our local partners make loans to people in need for life-changing safe water and sanitation solutions.

Number of active partners 11

We work with financial institutions, service providers, international agencies, and governments to make an impact.

Repayment rate 96%

Every repaid loan means another family in need can get affordable access to safe water at home.

Average loan size (USD) $414

Small loans can help make a big difference by providing long-term solutions for families in need around the world.

Percent of women borrowers 60%

Women are primarily responsible for household water collection and are solving the water crisis for their families.

Households living under $6.85/day 96%

We are committed to helping people living in poverty get access to safe water and sanitation solutions at home.

To help end the water crisis in Kenya, donate today.