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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.


Zenebech's story

Zenebech lives in a rural village a few hours south of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Among the other mud and thatch homes, Zenebech raises her six children with her husband. Zenebech is telling others in her village about how a small loan changed their world and it can change theirs too. "I don’t want them to suffer any longer. I want them to be healthy like my kids". Read more about why she wants safe water for her neighbors.

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Zenebech is telling others about how a small loan changed their world and it can change theirs too. "I don’t want them to suffer any longer. I want them to be healthy like my kids."
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Elizabeth's dream

When one has time to follow their dreams, those dreams can become reality. However, millions of women around the world don’t have time to realize their dreams. Women like Elizabeth. Instead of pursuing her dream of making dresses to support her family, she spent that time each day collecting water. Mile after mile, heavy bucket after heavy bucket of water, it seemed there was no end in sight.

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Water for his family and his village

Bakari is a young man who lives in rural Tanzania south of Dar es Salaam with his parents and siblings. Growing up in this region Bakari is all too familiar with the water crisis. Read more about how Bakari solve his family's water crisis and that of many in his village.

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She can move mountains

Yolanda is a hopeful, determined woman. We know this because every day she works to provide water for her family. Her home sits above the city of Cusco in the Andes Mountain range at more than 2,000 feet from the center of town. Yolanda purchases buckets of water from residents in town. At least every other morning, she makes her way down the steep, rocky road from her house to buy as much water as she can carry back up the more than one mile vertical trek.

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Partnerships scale impact in India

Recognizing small loans remove the obstacle standing between many of the 163 million people in India needing access to water and sanitation,’s financial solution known as WaterCredit is scaling. Now a little more than a decade later, 10 million people in India have access to safe water and sanitation at home, plus the hope, health, and possibilities that come with the life-changing solutions. Together with our partner’s at SIDUR in India, made these small, affordable loans possible for families in Hyderabad.

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Sharing our expertise and vision

Sharing our expertise and vision and collaborating with partners around the world makes access to safe water and sanitation possible for more people. Watch to learn more about how our partnerships work.

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The power of water for Tamenech's family

The power of water ended Tamenech and Joseph’s water crisis. Not only did Tamenech want to prevent her children from walking to rivers or ponds to find water like she did as a child, but her role as a nurse gave her the insight to know how unhealthy that water is. Read Tamenech's story.

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It's time for school

Water makes time for school possible for kids in Rasulpar and around the world. When kids have access to safe water at home they can walk to school instead of walk to collect water.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.