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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.


Nelly's heart

Water is a smart investment. The best investment the world can make to reduce disease, increase income, keep kids in school, and change lives. Nelly believed this to be true, and now she knows it for a fact. Thanks to’s smart solution known as WaterCredit, the hardworking, loving, single mom who wanted to give her family safe water and a better life was able to do it.

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Nelly lives a life of love. Nelly pours her whole heart into caring for and providing for her family. Thanks to your support, now she can pour her family safe water, too.
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Water for Daniel's family

Daniel and his wife, Dorcus, found their family's safe water solution through’s partner bank in Kenya. Daniel and Dorcus took out a small loan through Equity Bank to purchase a rain storage tank. Read how access to safe water through this tank has changed their lives.

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Access to sanitation brings comfort and safety

Andrea lives in Brazil. She provides for her family’s necessities like food and shelter, but beyond those things, she has not been in a financial position to save enough money to improve her family’s sanitation situation. Read how a small, affordable loan changed this.

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For some, access to water at home is a dream come true

For Dona Terezinha, access to water at home is a dream come true. Read about how, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached her community, she was empowered with the safe water and toilet she needed to protect herself and her grandson.

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Leah's family has safe water at home now

Leah lives in a rural village about an hour from Nairobi. She was once one of the millions who rely on unimproved water sources to survive. Read her story.

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Sarah and Steve
How Sarah and Steve gave their family safe water

An inspiring story from Kenya, watch as Sarah explains how she and her husband, Steve, were empowered with a small, affordable loan to give their family access to safe water at home.

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Access to sanitation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Now more than ever access to safe water and toilets are critical to the health of families around the world. That's why we're committed to continuing our work to empower people like Jeyalakshmi with access to both and the health and hope they bring.

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A lasting safe water solution for Zeny's family

Zeny was happy to learn her family could get a small, affordable loan from their local bank to get a water connection at home. Now the family pays less than 5% of their monthly income on water. Read Zeny's story.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.