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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

Sabina and son in Kenya


Sabina approaches her days with bold wisdom, keen resourcefulness and a dedication to hard work.

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Thanks to, Sabina financed a rain catchment system and now can store enough water for her home and crops.
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Give water credit for time at school

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Carrying a vessel
Her crisis

Today 844 million people lack access to safe water. These are people with agency and rights. They have great potential, yet the burden of the water crisis hinders their every attempt to break free from the cycle of poverty. When it comes down to who will bear the burden of daily water collection, it’s women and girls.

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Safe water and pregnancy

Grace’s baby was due to arrive any day. Grace lives in a small rural village several hours south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Sixty-one million people lack access to safe water in her country. Read about how a small, affordable loan empowered Grace and her husband to give their young family safe water and a bright future.

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Fermin and his family
How a small loan empowered a family in Peru

With a small, affordable loan Fermin gave his family water, a toilet, and so much more. The few months it will take Fermin to repay his loan will seem like no time compared to the long-term benefits his family will experience by having water and sanitation at home.

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Rose Uganda 1
Rose's story, then and now

Four years ago we shared Rose’s story. At the time she had just taken a small, affordable loan to give her family a toilet and water at home. Since that time, life has only improved for Rose...

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Sariati's water crisis is over

For generations, women in Sariati’s family faced an impossible choice when it came to giving their families water - certain death without water, or possible death from consuming unsafe water. For these women in Indonesia and millions of others around the world, collecting water would take up to six hours each day.

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Water means bright futures

Benjamin is in seventh grade. He loves school - his favorite subjects are math and science. If it weren’t for the water flowing from a tap at his house, this bright and optimistic thirteen-year-old would miss his favorite classes.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.