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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

Jonas, from Brazil

Against all odds, this dad gave his family safe water at home

It is because of generous donors that this dad in Brazil got what he needed to solve his family’s water crisis. When it seemed like all odds were against Jonas, your support made it possible for him to access an affordable, long-term safe water solution, that has changed his family’s lives.

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Against all odds, this dad in Brazil was able to give his family lasting access to safe water at home. How? Your support helps make solutions possible for parents in need to give their families the water they need to survive and thrive.
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Our partners in Kenya share first-hand the power of lending for water and sanitation

The financial institutions with whom we partner share our vision of safe water and sanitation for all. They share it because our partner financial institutions have seen firsthand how when they lend to their customers for household water and sanitation solutions, these families experience improved health, time for education, income generation and other socio-economic opportunities. Read more about this through the testimonies of our partners in Kenya.

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Now Tahmina and her baby can play

For many years Tahmina walked to and from her in-law’s to fill vessels, cups, and buckets of water for cooking and cleaning. This was time-consuming and for Tahmina, often difficult. Read about how her life changed after getting affordable access to safe water and improved sanitation at home.

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Parul's family is healthy and safe

At the intersection of the water crisis and the sanitation crisis are often stories of severe illness. The consequences of using or drinking unsafe water can hardly be managed when a toilet is not present or overflowing with rainwater. This is why we give our everything, every day to increase access to improved and affordable safe water and sanitation solutions for families living in poverty, like Parul’s.

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Bright futures in Kenya start with safe water

The schoolmaster at Solidarity Primary School understands the link between access to safe water and having the time and health for school. This is why she prioritized safe water and sanitation solutions for her students.

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Lessons learned, lessons taught

As a mother, Nadia wanted more for her children. She wanted a life opposite of the one dealt her by the global water crisis. She wanted safe water and a toilet at home. Read more about how a small loan helped change Nadia's family's lives and inspired a valuable lesson.

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Today Andreia and her family have safe water at home

For years, Andreia’s family didn't have access to safe water on their property. Andreia knew her kids' childhoods could be full of learning, playtime, and healthy days if Andreia could find an affordable way to give them the safe water needed to survive and thrive.

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How Janine gave her family safe water

Janine is a hardworking woman who is determined to give her family what they need to survive. When her family needed an affordable way to get safe water at home, Janine made the connection to give them a long-term safe water connection. Read her story.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.