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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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Today, Rozina's daughters can play

Rozina’s daughters missed out on many days of childhood play. Without access to a safe toilet at home her eight and four-year-old girls were often sick from using the toilet outdoors. Rozina knew her home’s lack of a clean, safe toilet and a source of safe water were the cause of her children's illnesses. Rozina was happy she could finally give her family a solution to their water and sanitation crisis.

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This mom wanted the best thing for her children and that is safe water

From illnesses due to drinking dirty pond water to long, unsafe walks to collect water far away, this mother of three in Bangladesh is thankful she and her children no longer face the challenges posed by the water crisis.

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She pours love and safe water

Moms pour their hearts and lives into protecting and providing for their growing children. And right now, millions of moms around the world long to pour safe water for them, too. Every day these moms face a personal struggle as they don’t have access to the safe water and toilets needed at home to raise their loved ones in health and safety. Hossne was one of these moms.

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Parul's family is healthy and safe

At the intersection of the water crisis and the sanitation crisis are often stories of severe illness. The consequences of using unsafe water can hardly be managed without a toilet at home. This is why increased access to improved safe water and sanitation solutions for families living in poverty, like Parul’s, is critical.

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Now Tahmina and her baby can play

For many years Tahmina walked to and from her in-law’s to fill vessels, cups, and buckets of water for cooking and cleaning. This was time-consuming and for Tahmina, often difficult. Read about how her life changed after getting affordable access to safe water and improved sanitation at home.

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Lessons learned, lessons taught

As a mother, Nadia wanted more for her children. She wanted a life opposite of the one dealt her by the global water crisis. She wanted safe water and a toilet at home. Read more about how a small loan helped change Nadia's family's lives and inspired a valuable lesson.

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Queen of the hills

Joinab introduces herself as the “queen of the hills” and rightfully so as she has conquered her family’s water crisis high in the hills of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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Beauty in Bangladesh

When Beauty got married, her husband Manu gave her two wedding gifts, water and a stepdaughter.

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Mitu in Bangladesh

A lack of in-house toilets in Bangladesh often jeopardizes health, safety, and dignity. Discover Mitu's story of how she plans to bring an in-house toilet to her family.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.