Cambodia's water and sanitation crisis

Out of its population of 16 million people, 11 million people (70% of the population) lack access to safe water and 10 million people (63%) lack access to a safe toilet. With approximately 75 percent of Cambodians living in rural areas, lack of access to safe water and sanitation disproportionately affects rural communities.

Although Cambodia has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, access to affordable financing for water and sanitation remains a barrier for families to secure water connections and toilets for their homes. And the country is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. There is positive momentum as the government of Cambodia set an aggressive goal to reach 100 percent access to improved water and sanitation in rural areas by 2025.

With access to safe water and sanitation at home, families in Cambodia have the health, hope, and opportunity to create bright futures.
  • Stories of Impact

    Where safe water and education flow

    Sa knows all too well the time and health challenges of the water crisis. And so does someone else in her community who decided to do something about it. Read about how one man's decision has helped changed this retired teacher's life and the lives of thousands of other people in their Cambodian community.

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  • Stories of Impact

    Drinks for their customers and their family

    It’s hard to believe that, just past Hai’s display of snacks and refreshing bottled beverages for sale there sits a home, Hai and Hoeun’s home, that once lacked a source of safe water. Read about how this couple gave their family safe water at home.

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  • Stories of Impact

    To the world he’s a dad but to his family, he is the world

    Thai shared the story of his life-long water crisis, his nine-year-old daughter, Maya, remained by his side. Holding her hand, he explained an element of his story that is rare when it comes to who collected water from distant sources before getting a household solution. Read more to find out what is so unique about Thai's story.

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Cambodia impact statistics

People reached 2.1 million

The number of people who now have access to safe water or sanitation and the health and opportunity they bring.

Capital mobilized (USD) $304 million

Our partners mobilize funds from capital markets to provide water and sanitation loans.

Loans disbursed 466,000

Our local partners make loans to people in need for life-changing safe water and sanitation solutions.

Number of active partners 7

We work with financial institutions, service providers, international agencies, and governments to make an impact.

Repayment rate 99%

Every repaid loan means another family in need can get affordable access to safe water at home.

Average loan size (USD) $651

Small loans can help make a big difference by providing long-term solutions for families in need around the world.

Percent of women borrowers 84%

Women are primarily responsible for household water collection and are solving the water crisis for their families.

Households living under $6.85/day 91%

We are committed to helping people living in poverty get access to safe water and sanitation solutions at home.

To help end the water crisis in Cambodia, donate today.