Partnering for progress seeks to do more, faster, and in partnership with others to make financing for water and sanitation affordable and accessible to those in need. We seek to spur system change at all levels – local, national, and global. Our approach expands the flow of capital into the sector, addressing the most significant barrier to achieving universal access to water and sanitation.

We increase access to financing by integrating partners, ideas, and approaches to ensure that, like the water solutions we make possible, affordable finance can flow down to those who need it most.

We’re accelerating progress and impact in these ways:

Partnering directly with institutions that serve the base of the economic pyramid

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Expanding partnerships to accelerate access

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Strengthening the environment for water and sanitation solutions at a systems level

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Accelerating impact and changing lives

Our approach is efficient and scaling in impact. We designed it to be that way because we believe the time is now to bring everyone, everywhere access to safe water and sanitation. To date, we have reached more than 66 million people with access to safe water or sanitation through financing — proving we are serious about achieving our goal and making an impact.

Join us and together we can change millions of lives with water.