Bangladesh's water and sanitation crisis

More than 1.8 million people in Bangladesh lack access to an improved water source and 36 million lack improved sanitation. In Bangladesh and around the world, millions are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with the added challenge of living without access to safe water. Now more than ever access to safe water is critical to the health of families in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a global leader when it comes to microfinance and is known as the birthplace of this innovative financial model. Since the 1970s, vibrant and sustained growth in the microfinance sector has resulted in enormous impact on financial inclusion of those living in poverty, particularly women.

Bangladesh’s high need for water and sanitation improvements, along with its healthy microfinance sector and government support, make it an ideal market for’s financial solutions to the water crisis.

  • Stories of Impact

    Now Tahmina and her baby can play

    For many years Tahmina walked to and from her in-law’s to fill vessels, cups, and buckets of water for cooking and cleaning. This was time-consuming and for Tahmina, often difficult. Read about how her life changed after getting affordable access to safe water and improved sanitation at home.

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  • Stories of Impact

    Parul's family is healthy and safe

    At the intersection of the water crisis and the sanitation crisis are often stories of severe illness. The consequences of using or drinking unsafe water can hardly be managed when a toilet is not present or overflowing with rainwater. This is why we give our everything, every day to increase access to improved and affordable safe water and sanitation solutions for families living in poverty, like Parul’s.

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  • Stories of Impact

    Lessons learned, lessons taught

    As a mother, Nadia wanted more for her children. She wanted a life opposite of the one dealt her by the global water crisis. She wanted safe water and a toilet at home. Read more about how a small loan helped change Nadia's family's lives and inspired a valuable lesson.

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Bangladesh impact statistics

People reached 6.3 million

Changing lives with access to safe water or sanitation is why we do what we do.

Capital mobilized (USD) $433 million

Exponential impact is achieved when the funds we help our partners mobilize is used for small loans for water and sanitation solutions.

Loans disbursed 1.2 million

The number of small loans our partners have given to people in need of safe water or sanitation in their homes demonstrates the success of our smart solution.

Number of active partners 14

It takes all of us, working together, to change lives: financial institutions, service providers, international NGOs and agencies, and governments.

Repayment rate 99%

When people repay their loans, they indicate that this solution is working for them.

Average loan size (USD) $334

Small loans can help make a big difference by providing long-term safe water or sanitation solutions.

% of women borrowers 98%

Women are primarily responsible for household water collection and are driving the solutions of their families' water and sanitation needs.

Households living under $6.00/day 81%

We are committed to helping people living in poverty get access to safe water and sanitation solutions at home.

To help us reach more people in need of safe water and sanitation in Bangladesh, donate today.