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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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How Janine gave her family safe water

Janine is a hardworking woman who is determined to give her family what they need to survive. When her family needed an affordable way to get safe water at home, Janine made the connection to give them a long-term safe water connection. Read her story.

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A lasting safe water solution for Zeny's family

Zeny was happy to learn her family could get a small, affordable loan from their local bank to get a water connection at home. Now the family pays less than 5% of their monthly income on water. Read Zeny's story.

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Her family's bright future starts with water

Sally is a mom of four young children. While the eldest three are at school, Sally enjoys time with her youngest, mixing play with the housework. Life for Sally’s family wasn’t always like this. Even before becoming a mom, and for several years after, Sally was responsible for finding the water her family needed to survive.

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Nimfa's water pump
Unlocking her potential

Nimfa’s story is a story shared by many women in her village. After spending too many girlhood hours searching for water, and spending too much money paying for what they lacked, they grew up to recognize their potential and knew they needed safe water to unlock it.

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Leneriza Story
The cost of Leneriza's water, then and now

The people with the least access to safe water are spending the most to get it. People like Leneriza.

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To making a house a home
To making a house a home

Mherindalee’s home is important to her. It’s where her family lives, works, plays, and rests. The water flowing from Mherindalee’s kitchen tap means now she has time - time to care for her home, time to play with her children, and time to make her family’s favorite dishes.

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Water tap
Edna and Sarah

In this video, Edna revisits her previous daily journey to collect water. It is for moms like Edna that created WaterCredit.

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Elma in the Philippines

Elma’s courage gave her the strength to choose smiles over tears, to choose love over pain, and to champion safe water for her family, even when the battle seemed impossible.

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Maritez Cambodia 2

It is with this enthusiasm Maritez spends her days celebrating the transformative power of safe water by educating others in her community on how they too can look forward to healthy, bright futures.

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Elenita in the Philippines
Life is so much better now

Elenita is proud she can now spend her days at home, sewing bags and aprons for a living. This was not always the case. Celebrate her story with us.

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Rosalie in the Philippines
She's in control now

Rosalie was eager to share her water connection with us. She is a young mother and cannot imagine life for herself and her children without access to safe water.

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Marina in the Philippines

Marina is a mother and a grandmother. Not only has she changed the world for her family, but she is changing the world for other children in her Filipino village.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.