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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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Closer to home

In the heart of Indonesia, where lush landscapes and a commitment to daily prayer abound, lies the inspiring story of Patahimawati – a woman who, like millions of women around the world, struggled with the daily challenges of inadequate access to safe water and sanitation at home. Her life took a transformative turn, however, when her family got affordable, lasting access to safe water at home.

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Safe water at home empowers this village leader, businesswoman, and mom

Selamah’s confidence in selling produce is encouraging to her friends and neighbors because they know they can count on Selamah to help them earn money to feed and care for their families. However, in the past something Selamah did not share was her personal challenge with not having access to the water she needed to care for her family and run the vegetable business. Without access to safe water at home, Selamah struggled.

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Safe water in Sapdiah's rainforest home

While Indonesia’s rainforests are some of our planet's most biologically rich landscapes, many of the families who call the region home are not so affluent. Surviving on less than $3 per day, families like Sapdiah’s lack access to critical resources needed to help them break the cycle of poverty—resources like safe water.

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Her family's need for water was great

Since 2014, we have rapidly increased access to water and sanitation for low-income households in Indonesia through our WaterCredit solution, building strong relationships with local financial institutions, and changing the lives of more than 4.5 million people with safe water or sanitation. Warni and her family are some of those people whose lives are forever changed now that they have lasting access to safe water at home.

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The choice is hers now

For millions of women around the world water collection is not a choice, but a requirement to help keep their families alive. Without access to water at home, women like Tiatun in Indonesia walk miles to a river to collect the water their families need to survive. For Tiatun, a small loan changed her story. Read more.

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Mumina at home
Mumina's family still has access to safe water

When she’s not sewing to support her family's income, Mumina gardens a small vegetable bed, launders clothing, and cares for her children. This life—time to sew, water for clean laundry and fresh food, Mumina’s happiness—it is made possible by access to safe water. Something Mumina has known for a few years now, but at one time, she thought was impossible.

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The day everything changed

Umi is a mom of two boys. Before getting affordable access to safe water at home, Umi and her seven-year-old son walked to a stream to collect water. Read about how a small loan changed their lives.

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Pawit and Setiyono's journey to water

Before having access to safe water at home, water collection was a major focus of each day for Pawit and Setiyono. Watch the couple's story as they share their journey to getting access to a lasting safe water solution.

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Lilis is proud to have safe water at home

As the COVID-19 pandemic made its way to Lilis’ village, the safety and comfort she felt about her home, their access to food and water, and their finances shifted. Lilis had new concerns about her family's ability to survive.

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Anah lives in rural Indonesia where she grows her family's food and enjoys hosting guests. Until recently she lacked an adequate supply of water to feed her livestock and water her crops. She also did not have a bathroom for her daughter and visitors. She longed to have water and a toilet and thanks to your support, she now has both.

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Juleha made possible for people like Juleha and her husband small, affordable loans to cover the up-front costs associated with connecting to their local water utility’s pipelines. Read Juleha's story.

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Sariati's water crisis is over

For generations, women in Sariati’s family faced an impossible choice when it came to giving their families water - certain death without water, or possible death from consuming unsafe water. For these women in Indonesia and millions of others around the world, collecting water would take up to six hours each day.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.