Closer to home

In the heart of Indonesia, where lush landscapes and a commitment to daily prayer abound, lies the inspiring story of Patahimawati – a woman who, like millions of women around the world, struggled with the daily challenges of inadequate access to safe water and sanitation at home. Her life took a transformative turn, however, when she became connected with's local partner in Indonesia. Through their support, Patahimawati's journey unfolded, leading to the construction of a bathroom with a water connection that changed not only her life but the lives of her family.


Patahimawati feared for her own safety and that of her grandchildren when they had to find a place to relieve themselves at night.

“It’s hard if there is no safe water.”

Patahimawati's daily routine was far from ordinary. In a reality where access to safe water and improved sanitation seem like a luxury, she had no choice but to resort to collecting water from the Meningting River. This not only posed a threat to her health but also raised concerns about the safety of her family. Bathing in the river became a necessity, presenting challenges, especially during the night.


Patahimawati vividly recalled the fear she felt when she and her family had to relieve themselves or perform basic hygiene practices. "When I needed to relieve myself or when my children and grandchildren had to go, we went to the river or we dug a hole on our property if it was dark out.” Highlighting the desperate measures she had to take to ensure her family’s well-being Patahimawati went on to explain, “I was scared to walk to the river at night, and I did not dare let my grandson go. I always took him to the river to keep him safe."

52883723816_41f98d7275_k's partner bank's representative visits with Patahimawati and the women of her village to discuss their water and sanitation loans.

Patahimawati's journey to access safe water and sanitation for her home took a positive turn when she and other women in her village were introduced to's local financial partner in Indonesia. Through the bank, Patahimawati took out a small loan to finance the construction of a bathroom with a water connection.

Patahimawati is thankful she and her family no longer have to fear life without water or sanitation close by.

"Now, with the bathroom on our property, my family and I can bathe anytime and we no longer have to go to the river.”

While the construction of such a facility may seem like a simple addition to a household, for Patahimawati’s family, it was a life-changing milestone. No longer navigating the risks associated with collecting, consuming, laundering, and bathing in water from the river, Patahimawati and her family finally have access to safe water and a private space for their hygiene needs closer to home.

Patahimawati expressed her gratitude, saying, "Now, with the bathroom on our property, my family and I can bathe anytime and we no longer have to go to the river.”


Patahimawati's story is not an isolated case. Across Indonesia and around the world, millions of people face challenges related to a lack of access to safe water or sanitation. and its local partners are working relentlessly to break the cycle of poverty and empower individuals and communities with affordable, lasting access to safe water and sanitation.