The choice is hers now

For millions of women around the world water collection is not a choice, but the only option if they want to find the water needed to keep their families alive. Without access to water at home, women like Tiatun in Indonesia walk miles to distant sources like rivers or ponds to collect water.

This changed when Tiatun learned she could get a small loan that could fund a household water connection. She finally had a way to give her family safe water at home, affordably. Through's financial partner in Indonesia, Tiatun got approved for a loan to cover the cost of establishing a sink and water tap in her kitchen.

Now Tiatun can choose how her day is spent. Rather than hours spent walking to and from a river to collect water, Tiatun has safe water at home, and with it, more possibilities for herself and her family.

Watch Tiatun as she shares what life was like before she got affordable, lasting access to safe water at home.

Learn more about how small loans known as WaterCredit have helped change the lives of millions of women and their families giving them health, hope, and the opportunity to choose more for their lives than time spent collecting water.