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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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Kantabai gave her family safe water and a bright future

In the countries where we work, like India, women and children often bear the primary responsibility for water collection. After decades of collecting water from distant sources outdoors, Kantabai is thankful she could finally give her sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren safe water at home.

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Where safe water and education flow

Sa knows all too well the time and health challenges of the water crisis. And so does someone else in her community who decided to do something about it. Read about how one man's decision has helped changed this retired teacher's life and the lives of thousands of other people in their Cambodian community.

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Her family's need for water was great

Since 2014, we have rapidly increased access to water and sanitation for low-income households in Indonesia through our WaterCredit solution, building strong relationships with local financial institutions, and changing the lives of more than 4.5 million people with safe water or sanitation. Warni and her family are some of those people whose lives are forever changed now that they have lasting access to safe water at home.

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She pours love and safe water

Moms pour their hearts and lives into protecting and providing for their growing children. And right now, millions of moms around the world long to pour safe water for them, too. Every day these moms face a personal struggle as they don’t have access to the safe water and toilets needed at home to raise their loved ones in health and safety. Hossne was one of these moms.

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To the day her life changed

Today is a day to celebrate because today Ann and her family in Kenya have lasting access to safe water at home. Read more about how a small loan made a long term safe water source possible for Ann's family and other families in her community.

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Mueni's family has safe water at home

Mueni’s family lacked access to safe water at home. Not until recently did her mom learn she could take a small loan to help the family finance a long-term safe water solution. This is Mueni’s story about how lasting access to safe water at home has changed her life.

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Bright futures in Kenya start with safe water

The schoolmaster at Solidarity Primary School understands the link between access to safe water and having the time and health for school. This is why she prioritized safe water and sanitation solutions for her students.

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Lessons learned, lessons taught

As a mother, Nadia wanted more for her children. She wanted a life opposite of the one dealt her by the global water crisis. She wanted safe water and a toilet at home. Read more about how a small loan helped change Nadia's family's lives and inspired a valuable lesson.

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Abraham and daughter.jpg
Why Abraham wanted water for his kids

Abraham knew his wife worked hard alongside him, but it was not until her passing that he recognized the weight of the burden she and so many women in Ethiopia carry daily—collecting water for their families.

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Her family's bright future starts with water

Sally is a mom of four young children. While the eldest three are at school, Sally enjoys time with her youngest, mixing play with the housework. Life for Sally’s family wasn’t always like this. Even before becoming a mom, and for several years after, Sally was responsible for finding the water her family needed to survive.

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A young girl plays in Haiti
Time to play

When kids have access to safe water, there is more time to play. After a day at school, summer, holidays—these are times for fun and play. Yet, for the millions of kids who don't have access to safe water at home, such carefree joys are a world away. Instead of play, or even time to go to school, millions of children share with their mothers the burden of water collection.

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Stefanos and family.jpg
Stefanos believes in safe water and his children

Imagine a teacher who couldn’t see his own kids to school each day because instead, they were off finding water, or worse, because they were sick from drinking unsafe water. A simple, powerful solution empowered Stefanos to change these realities that millions of people around the world face today.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.