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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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Today, Rozina's daughters can play

Rozina’s daughters missed out on many days of childhood play. Without access to a safe toilet at home her eight and four-year-old girls were often sick from using the toilet outdoors. Rozina knew her home’s lack of a clean, safe toilet and a source of safe water were the cause of her children's illnesses. Rozina was happy she could finally give her family a solution to their water and sanitation crisis.

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Closer to home

In the heart of Indonesia, where lush landscapes and a commitment to daily prayer abound, lies the inspiring story of Patahimawati – a woman who, like millions of women around the world, struggled with the daily challenges of inadequate access to safe water and sanitation at home. Her life took a transformative turn, however, when her family got affordable, lasting access to safe water at home.

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Khateeja is confident and proud

Without a toilet at their home in India, Khateeja and her daughters had no choice but to walk about 500 meters to relieve themselves in an open field. Khateeja worried greatly for her daughter’s safety knowing how dangerous going in public can be for young women. Read how this mother changed her family's lives by giving them an improved sanitation solution at home.

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This dad gave his family safe water at home

As a commercial water delivery driver, it was hard for Cesar to come home each evening knowing his family lacked access to the very thing he delivered all day long to families in the big city. Cesar wanted an affordable, sustainable safe water solution. Through's partners in Brazil, this was possible.

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Drinks for their customers and their family

It’s hard to believe that, just past Hai’s display of snacks and refreshing bottled beverages for sale there sits a home, Hai and Hoeun’s home, that once lacked a source of safe water. Read about how this couple gave their family safe water at home.

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She pours love and safe water

Moms pour their hearts and lives into protecting and providing for their growing children. And right now, millions of moms around the world long to pour safe water for them, too. Every day these moms face a personal struggle as they don’t have access to the safe water and toilets needed at home to raise their loved ones in health and safety. Hossne was one of these moms.

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Parul's family is healthy and safe

At the intersection of the water crisis and the sanitation crisis are often stories of severe illness. The consequences of using unsafe water can hardly be managed without a toilet at home. This is why increased access to improved safe water and sanitation solutions for families living in poverty, like Parul’s, is critical.

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Now Tahmina and her baby can play

For many years Tahmina walked to and from her in-law’s to fill vessels, cups, and buckets of water for cooking and cleaning. This was time-consuming and for Tahmina, often difficult. Read about how her life changed after getting affordable access to safe water and improved sanitation at home.

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Ricardo - Peru
The solution for millions

Many people who lack access to water and sanitation know how to solve that problem. They just need a little financial help to make it possible. Dads like Ricardo share the desire of dads around the globe to give their families safe water at home. Making small, affordable loans available for people like Ricardo is how we’re making access to safe water and sanitation possible for all.

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Anah lives in rural Indonesia where she grows her family's food and enjoys hosting guests. Until recently she lacked an adequate supply of water to feed her livestock and water her crops. She also did not have a bathroom for her daughter and visitors. She longed to have water and a toilet and thanks to your support, she now has both.

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Improved sanitation brings comfort and safety

Andrea lives in Brazil. She provides for her family’s necessities like food and shelter, but beyond those things, she has not been in a financial position to save enough money to improve her family’s sanitation situation. Read how a small, affordable loan changed this.

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For some, access to water at home is a dream come true

For Dona Terezinha, access to water at home is a dream come true. Read about how, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached her community, she was empowered with the safe water and toilet she needed to protect herself and her grandson.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.