Phoebe shortened the distance between her family and safe water

While she is soft spoken and gentle-hearted, Phoebe’s decision to finance a safe water solution for her family was nothing shy of bold and life-changing. Prior to giving her family a lasting safe water solution at home, Phoebe humbly drew upon every ounce of strength in her body to endure what she refers to as a daily journey to collect water. Morning after morning, she walked miles to a distant pond from which she drew jugs of unsafe water. She had no choice at the time.


Phoebe revisits the pond from where she once collected water.

“The long journey left me tired, making me late for work after each trip.”

For years Phoebe had no choice but to make these journeys to collect water for her family. And Phoebe’s children often joined her to help with the chore. Finally, thanks to the support of our donors and partners, Phoebe learned of a way she could affordably give her family lasting access to safe water at home. On that day, she chose to take out a small loan that would forever shorten the distance between her family and the water they need to survive and thrive.


Phoebe fills a vessel with safe water from her new water storage tank.

“Recognizing its convenience over walking to a distant pond, I opted to take a loan for a water tank…repaying it gradually.”

Through’s partner bank in Kenya, KWF, Phoebe financed water storage tanks and purification filters. Now Phoebe, her husband, and their nine children have access to safe water just steps from their front door rather than miles away from home.

Our partners in Kenya and around the world play an important role in shortening the distance between people and the water they need to survive.

The water and sanitation crisis in Kenya remains critical, and we're developing new ways to scale our work to reach even more people. Join us. Donate today to help empower more women and families in Kenya and around the world with lasting, affordable access to safe water and sanitation at home.


Access to safe water at home has changed Phoebe's life