Our Team

We currently have more than 100 talented, passionate team members based in 7 countries. Visit our Careers page if you'd like to join our team that's changing lives around the world.

U.S. Staff
  • Allison Pinkowski

    Lead Marketing Associate

  • Amber Schellinger

    Development Operations Associate

  • Andrea Shores

    Senior Business Operations Specialist

  • Andres Rubio

    Director, International Finance

  • Ashley Brown Morris

    Manager, Donor Engagement + Stewardship

  • Austin Patrick Egan

    Prospect Management + Research Lead

  • Ben Mandell

    Utility Services Expert

  • Berni Hollis

    Impact Intelligence Software Architect

  • Brandan Deason

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Brooke Brown

    Learning and Development Manager

  • Cate McGeady

    Senior Public Relations Manager

  • Cheryl Rauh

    Grants and Donor Relations Specialist

  • Cindy Bates

    Corporate Accountant

  • Claire Lyons

    Senior Manager, Sector Engagement

  • Danielle Martinez

    Senior Executive Administration Specialist

  • Darren Miao

    Senior Manager, Global Operations

  • David Strivings

    Senior Impact Intelligence Analyst

  • Dianne Hradsky

    Development Operations Effectiveness Lead

  • Dulce Ortiz

    Global Talent Acquisition Recruiter

  • Elizabeth Miller

    Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Erin Prock

    Senior Marketing Associate

  • Gabrielle Puz

    Lead, Post Award Management

  • Gary White

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Gina Zanolli

    Chief of Staff

  • Heather Arney

    Global Director, Insights

  • Jamie McCurdy

    Manager, Global Talent Acquisition

  • Janet Tinsley

    Chief Global Impact Officer

  • Jay SchwartzCoffey

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jennifer Riddle

    Information Technology Lead

  • Jonathan De La Torre

    Finance Analyst

  • Kat Faulkner

    Lead Marketing Associate

  • Katrina Green

    Senior Analyst, Insights

  • Kerry McKee

    Senior Finance Lead, Program Operations

  • Kevin Bridges

    Director of Technology

  • Kiya White

    Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Koko Lawson

    Project Management Office, Operations Lead

  • Laura Ralston

    Lead, eLearning Content and Training

  • Laynie Timmons

    HR Generalist

  • Leslie Walsh

    HR Director

  • Lina Bonova

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Lori Galloway

    Contracts and Document Control Lead

  • Maggie Goble

    Team Lead, Measurement and Impact

  • Margarita Salasyuk

    Senior Manager, Project Management Office

  • Mary Kennedy

    Marketing Associate

  • Melanie Mendrys

    Director of Brand and Marketing

  • Melissa Schaetz

    Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Michael Mayernik

    Head of Corporate Partnerships

  • Morée Lambeth

    Lead Content Creator

  • Natalie Jordan

    Finance Director, Headquarter Accounting and Operations

  • Natasha Hafez

    Sr. Strategic Development Executive

  • Nicole Terrizzi

    Senior Strategic Development Executive

  • Patrice Cavlovich

    Senior Corporate Accountant

  • Rachel Briggeman

    Senior Manager, Human Resources

  • Rachel Overton

    HR Lead, Organizational Effectiveness

  • Rafael Castillo Manrique

    Senior Impact Integrity Specialist

  • Rajash Sarin

    Global Director, Business Development

  • Rich Thorsten

    Chief Insights Officer

  • Selam Woldentensaye

    Grant Accounting and Management Specialist

  • Shannan Drake

    Senior Corporate Accountant

  • Shawn Robison

    CRM + Donor Database Specialist

  • Sidd Durgavanshi

    Global Lead, Financial Institution Partnerships

  • Sonal Gaurishanker

    Head of Alliance Operations

  • Sophie O’Neill Watson

    CRM Administrator

  • Tara Rowe

    T&E Administrator

  • Tracy Jackson

    Website Analyst

  • Vedika Bhandarkar

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Zehra Shabbir

    Senior Analyst, Knowledge

Africa Staff
  • Anthony Githinji

    Country Director, Kenya

  • Benedict Wambua

    Insights Lead, Africa

  • Collins Owiti

    Senior Partnership Account Manager

  • Fidelis Tamangani

    Senior Expert, Utility Partnerships

  • Francis Musinguzi

    Regional Director, Africa

  • Gilbert Guma

    Partnership Account Manager

  • Jamilla Kang’ahi Rajabu

    Senior Partnership Account Manager

  • Jeniffer Kavuti

    Senior Regional Grants Specialist

  • June Adembesa

    Regional HR Business Partner

  • Mary Ngunjiri

    Regional Lead, Financial Institution Services, Africa

  • Pendo Massawe

    Partnership Account Manager

  • Sarah Muthoni Kimura

    Regional Operations Lead, Africa

Asia Staff
  • Aashish Verma

    Portfolio Lead, MSME Partnerships

  • Abhishek Anand

    Senior Manager, Government Partnerships

  • Abrar Hossain Mozumder

    Senior Regional Grants Specialist

  • Abu Aslam

    Portfolio Lead

  • Aldi Surianingrat

    Portfolio Manager, Infrastructure, Southeast Asia

  • Alethea Ofreneo

    Senior Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Andrea Paola Tobias

    Partnership Account Manager

  • Ann Carl Bailey

    Team Lead, Partnership Accounts, Southeast Asia

  • Anwesha Choudhuri

    Senior Regional Grants Specialist

  • Arumugam Gurusamy

    Senior Manager, Business Operations, India

  • Bernaliza Espina-Rhodes

    Senior Manager, Infrastructure Project Development and Advisory

  • Buvaneswari Duraisamy

    Director of Financial Institutions Services

  • Christine D’sa

    Senior Manager, Infrastructure Policy and Regulation

  • Conrad de Jesus

    Regional Lead, Financial Institution Services, East Asia Pacific

  • Dennis Pena

    Senior Partnership Account Manager

  • Dick Pajarillo

    Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia

  • Diwakar Das

    Senior Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Manager, India

  • Don Johnston

    Regional Operations Director, Southeast Asia

  • Dwinita Wulandini

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Edgar Morbos

    Senior Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Elvira Yoanita

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Gaurav Agarawal

    Regional Lead, Financial Institution Services, South and Central Asia

  • Gay Santos

    Regional Director, Southeast Asia

  • Gyan Prakash

    Portfolio Lead

  • Hariri Kahar

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Hendra Budhi Mulia

    Accountant, Indonesia

  • Indra Bhuwono

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Irmina Iya

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Isha Joshi

    Senior Partnership Account Manager

  • Jasmine Barnabas

    Senior Administrative Services Specialist

  • Jaya Saputra

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Jayasankar Mallissery

    Portfolio Lead, Banking Partnerships

  • Jewel Belgcia

    Staff Accountant

  • Jose Muthunayagam

    Senior Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Josephine Mendoza

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Judith Estrella

    Human Resources Business Partner

  • Karishma Gulati

    Capacity Development Group Specialist, India

  • Kaveri Haldar

    Insights & Innovation Specialist, India

  • Khandaker Shaoli Hassan

    CDG Specialist

  • Kiki Tazkiyah

    Insights Lead, Southeast Asia

  • Manoj Gulati

    Regional Director, South Asia

  • Marion Isleta

    Manager, Finance Operations, SEA

  • Md. Imtiaj Haque

    Senior Partnerships Account Manager

  • Md. Sazzadul Hoque

    Team Lead, Administrative Services

  • Md. Shazedul Islam

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Myrna Peñas

    Office Administrator

  • Neha Jain

    Team Lead, Award Management

  • Neha Yadav

    Senior Manager, Capacity Development, India

  • Nikita Sahgal

    Global Lead, Award Operations

  • Pieter Tobing

    Director of Infrastructure Advisory Services

  • Pithon Mutiga

    Global Senior Manager, Small and Medium Enterprise and Utility Finance

  • Pranav Vohra

    Partnership Account Manager

  • Pravin Samuel

    Project Accountant, India

  • Rachmad Hidayad

    Team Lead, Partnership Accounts

  • Rajeswari Pandiyarajan

    Office Assistant, India

  • Rajit Kumar

    Pooled Grants Manager

  • Rani Laxmi Prasanna

    Project Accountant

  • Ratna Diektikana

    Office Administrator

  • Ravi Mishra

    Partnership Account Manager

  • Reema Mehta

    Regional Operations Director, South Asia

  • Reny Yuniawati

    Senior Regional Grants Specialist

  • Rohit Kumar Dhanda

    Portfolio Lead, Capital Management

  • Rony Saha

    Finance and Accounts Manager

  • Sabiha Mahboob

    Senior Insights Specialist, South Asia

  • Sajid Amit

    Executive Director, South Asia

  • Sanjit John

    Regional Infrastructure Services Lead, South and Central Asia

  • Sarmistha Mishra

    Senior Partnership Account Manager

  • Satya Ay

    Senior Program Manager, Cambodia

  • Seshana Aviananda

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Sneha Karunanidhi

    Senior WASH Capacity Development Specialist

  • Sofie Ariani

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Sokim Mel

    Senior Business Manager, Southeast Asia + Cambodia Country Manager

  • Somashree Chattapadhya

    Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Sudhir Arya

    Director, Financial Institution Partnerships, South Asia

  • Sukrati Rastogi

    Regional Grants Specialist

  • Swati Agarwal

    Regional Human Resources Business Partner, South Asia

  • Widiyatmoko

    Partnership Accounts Manager

Latin America Staff
  • Deyner Quezada

    Senior Staff Accountant

  • Indira Melgar

    Regional Lead, Financial Institutions Services, Latin America

  • Janneli Talledo

    Partnership Associate

  • Marion Chuquiyure

    Senior Regional Grants Specialist

  • Matt Morrison

    Regional Director, Latin America

  • Pablo Anton Diaz

    Senior Business Manager, Latin America

  • Rocio Cavazos

    Regional Director, Latin America

  • Shirley Reyes

    Senior Partnership Accounts Manager

  • Yanina Rumiche

    Senior Partnership Accounts Manager

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