Vedika Bhandarkar Chief Operating Officer

Vedika oversees all impact efforts within and leads the team responsible for working with financial institutions, global investors, and other sector leaders to empower millions of people in need with access to safe water and sanitation. She previously served as’s Managing Director, India.

Vedika has more than 25 years of experience building teams and businesses with Indian and international financial institutions. Prior to joining in January 2016, she served as Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Credit Suisse Securities (India) Private Limited from 2010-2015. Previously, she served as the Managing Director & Head of Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan.

Vedika serves as an Independent Director on the boards of several companies. She has been appointed as a part time member of the Banks Board Bureau, and she also serves as a board member of the Jai Vakeel Foundation, an institution focused on children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Read more from Vedika on empowering women with access to safe water and sanitation through financial inclusion.

Watch as Vedika describes how financial inclusion for women and families in need of water can change their lives. Through the story of Chumki who used a small, affordable loan to give her family water, Vedika explains how time spent collecting water can now be used to increase household income—taking families like Chumki's from poverty to possibility.

“I believe in the vision of and particularly our commitment to empowering women and girls. I see firsthand the burden and limitations the water crisis inflicts on women and girls, and I’ve seen the profound impact that access to water and sanitation has in changing their lives, creating opportunity for work, education and bright futures.