Innovative philanthropist contributes to reaching 60 million people with safe water

Glen de Vries traveled to space with Blue Origin on October 12, 2021. As part of the journey, he extended his passion for increasing life-sustaining resources to improve life on Earth by donating $1 million to “Together we will help improve and extend life now and into the future here on Earth,” said de Vries, whose donation will empower 200,000 people with lasting access to safe water or sanitation.

It is with innovative partners like Glen de Vries that can drive transformational change against the world’s most urgent social and health challenge of our time – the global water crisis. With support from generous donors like Glen de Vries, we will achieve our goal of raising $100 million by 2024 to reach 60 million people with affordable access to safe water and sanitation.

We can work together to achieve the world we want for all people – one full of health, hope and opportunity.

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