You are loved

You are loved around the world

Thank you for giving the life-changing gift of safe water.

With one penny, he helped change thousands of lives

Ryan used his popular YouTube channel to turn one penny into more than $400,000 through an across-the-globe adventure that will help transform the lives of more than 80,000 people with safe water.

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Luka’s 21st birthday was a big celebration

After some health issues, Luka reflected on the millions of people who struggle with severe health problems because they lack access to safe water. He dedicated his 21st birthday to raise awareness and funds for families in need.

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Bake sale to help save lives

Simone, Emory, and Payton were moved by the global need for access to safe water and decided to do something about it. The trio baked sweet treats that have helped save lives.

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Your businesses gave back

Doing good is good for business. You created products that give a portion of sales to change lives with safe water. Your customers love this, and we love it too.


Love and appreciation from around the world

Because of your donations, more than 63 million people now have lasting access to safe water or sanitation. See how many lives you've helped change in each of the 11 countries where we work and meet some of them.


Erenice now has safe water flowing on her property in Brazil. Thank you for giving so Erenice’s family members all have healthy, productive days, uninhibited by a lack of access to safe water. For all of this, Erenice says, “I am happy…grateful…grateful.”

Erenice's story


Swati's family no longer worries about from where their next liter of water will come. Thank you for giving so Swati can focus on supporting her family and their home in India as they work toward the bright futures ahead of them.

Swati's story


A mom from Kenya, Josephine named her daughter Victorious, and victorious they are indeed. Thank you for giving so Josephine and Victorious could conquer their water crisis and live the life they always dreamt of having.

Josephine's story

To you, generous world-changers

From the coast of Peru to the red dirt roads of Uganda, you are loved and appreciated by millions of people around the world. Thank you for continuing to give so families in need can get lasting access to safe water, sanitation, and the health, hope, and opportunity they bring.