Meet our Staff and Board’s staff members are based in the U.S., India, Kenya, Indonesia and Peru. They are led by our CEO and Co-Founder, Gary White. Follow the links below to learn more about our worldwide staff and Board of Directors.

U.S. Staff
Staff Accountant
Director of Business Development & Investor Relations, WaterEquity
Marketing Manager
Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
Strategic Alliances Administrative Coordinator
Senior Regional Manager, Latin America
Portfolio Manager, South Asia
Graphic Designer
Senior Corporate Accountant
Director of Human Resources
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Associate
Global Advocacy Coordinator
Senior Strategist, Institutional Partnerships
Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia
Project Manager, Grants
Senior Regional Manager, Southeast Asia
Portfolio Manager, South Asia
CEO and Co-Founder
Senior Financial Analyst, WaterEquity
WaterEquity Manager
Investor Relations Manager, WaterEquity
Senior Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
Senior Regional Manager, Africa
Controller, WaterEquity
Portfolio Manager, Latin America
Manager, Strategic Alliances
Sr. Project Accountant
Senior Manager, WaterCredit Adoption
Director of Portfolio Development, WaterEquity
Senior Strategist, Brand Partnerships
Assistant Marketing Manager
Executive Assistant to the President
Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia
Portfolio Manager, Africa
Manager, Institutional Partnerships
Sr. HR Generalist
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Portfolio Manager, Africa
Project Manager, Grants
Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia
Director of Brand and Marketing
Community Manager, Marketing
Director of Strategic Alliances
Portfolio Manager, Southeast Asia
Grants Manager
Project Accountant
Senior Regional Manager, South Asia
Administrative Coordinator
Portfolio Manager, South Asia
Director of International Programs
Project Accountant
Senior Manager, Global Advocacy
Portfolio Manager, South Asia
Portfolio Manager, South Asia
HR Generalist
Portfolio Manager, Strategic Alliances
Website Analyst
Software Developer
Director of Finance & Administration
Learning Manager
Africa Staff
Financial Auditor/ Accountant
East Africa WaterCredit Officer
Office Assistant/ Driver
Regional Director - East Africa
Country Director, Ethiopia
Asia Staff
WaterCredit Officer
Program Officer, Bangladesh
WaterCredit Officer, Indonesia
WaterCredit Officer, Philippines
Sr. Business Operations Manager
Senior Water & Sanitation Officer
WATSAN Program Officer
Country Director, Philippines
Indonesia Country Director
WaterCredit Officer
Administrative Officer
Microfinance Institution Program Manager
Accountant/Financial Auditor
Bangladesh Program Officer
WaterCredit Officer
WaterCredit Officer
Executive Director, India
WaterCredit Officer Indonesia
Administrative Assistant
Office Administrator – Indonesia
WaterCredit Officer
Director of Catalytic Finance, India
Managing Director, India
CBO WaterCredit Officer
South America
South America Regional Representative
Water Credit Analyst, Peru