It’s expensive to be poor

Through decades of research, traveling throughout the world, and talking to those affected by the water crisis, Co-founder and CEO Gary White uncovered a surprisingly common theme – there are millions of families spending more than 20% of their income on water. They are caught in a cycle of poverty, unable to afford permanent access to water in their homes and beholden to water merchants who charged exorbitant fees.

The truth is that many of these families can get a water or sanitation solution in their home for a fraction of their annual water costs. All they need is access to affordable financing to make this a reality. We believe that if we can provide people with small, affordable loans for water connections and toilets, we can empower people to participate in the solution.

WaterCredit: A smart solution to a complex problem

Many financial systems in developing countries weren’t offering loans for water and sanitation to the poor. We plugged into the system, bringing resources and consulting expertise to help them establish water and sanitation loans in their portfolio of offerings. Through WaterCredit, we are making water and sanitation loans accessible to those who need them the most. And the results are astounding.


Making a world of a difference

WaterCredit is working in twelve countries around the world, bringing affordable loans and opportunity to more than 16 million people. 

A proven, powerful solution

After more than ten years in action, WaterCredit is recognized as a proven, powerful solution. We have reached more than 16 million people through more than 3.7 million loans. Our partners have loaned more than $1 billion to families in the developing world for safe water and sanitation. 

Our solution is in high demand, sustainable, and reaching the right people. When given an opportunity to pay for water and sanitation improvements with loans, families opt to finance long-term solutions versus struggle day-to-day to find that next liter of water. More than 88% of borrowers are women – those most impacted by the water crisis – and loan repayment rates are above 99%. The most encouraging aspect of this repayment rate is that every repaid loan can empower another family with safe water. 

We are building on our success and breaking down new barriers in twelve countries around the world. With your support, we are scaling and expanding WaterCredit, reaching millions of families with access to safe water and sanitation.

A long-term solution for families in need

It’s smart, simple and sustainable. More importantly, it helps the people we empower solve their immediate need, and continues to enrich their lives long after the original loan has been repaid. This solution works because it recognizes people as consumers with autonomy and empowers people to define their own futures. Through WaterCredit, women who previously spent hours each day collecting safe water, have time to pursue education, work and keep their families safer and healthier. That’s the power of water.

99% of loans through WaterCredit are paid back
88% of borrowers are women
$342 is the average loan size

WaterCredit Resources

For a high-level overview of our WaterCredit solution, download this PDF: WaterCredit Overview 2019

If you are a financial institution interested in implementing WaterCredit, please contact us or learn more here.

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