By registering for the Cause Marketing Program, your organization agrees to abide by the rules and restrictions of this policy agreement. Please read the policy below before you sign-up.


For any initiatives in which proceeds of a sale benefit, transparency regarding the percentage or exact dollar amount donated per sale is required in your communications. (See Better Business Bureau guidelines, see Standard 19.)

For example: “XX% of the proceeds from this sale will benefit” When you register your cause marketing program, please also include the duration of the campaign and any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount.

Use of marks and designations

The Cause Marketing Toolkit includes logos and guidelines for you to use to communicate your support of Please share any uses of our logo with for review and approval. The name or logo may not be placed on any product or product packaging without express written permission.


Businesses, organizations or individuals that elect to use the name, logo or website domain in their cause marketing, fundraising or general promotional efforts agree to indemnify against any claims arising from these efforts.

Social media promotion reserves the right to selectively and willfully post or re-post messaging and content about our partnership on the channels of our choice without prior approval.

In an effort to protect the work and brand of, the content and copy of each message is carefully crafted, taking into consideration perceived endorsement or advertising language, as well as content viewed by minors, in all geographies. 

To avoid perceived sponsorship and/or endorsement of your brand or product(s), copy and content are held to the legal standards of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) as outlined here. And, defers to the rules of native platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure messaging is appropriate, requiring no disclaimers, for all audiences. does not post or re-post content that would restrict a certain party from re-sharing or re-posting based on age.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Anne at [email protected].