Consultant for Water and Sanitation Microlending in Central America

Category: Consultancy
Location: Guatemala
Effective: June 8, 2022

About and WaterEquity is a global nonprofit organization working to bring water and sanitation to the world. has decades of expertise supporting financial institutions (FIs) to develop microloan products for water and sanitation. These microloans enable households to purchase or construct household water supply and sanitation (WSS) facilities, such as toilets and water tanks.

WaterEquity is the first asset manager exclusively focused on solving one of the most urgent issues of our time—the global water and sanitation crisis. WaterEquity invests in financial institutions and enterprises in emerging markets, delivering access to safe water and sanitation to low-income consumers, while offering an attractive financial risk-return profile to investors. and WaterEquity work together to align the market building activities of and the investment activities of WaterEquity.

In Central America, WaterEquity and are partnering to offer loans alongside technical assistance to FIs that are interested in expanding WSS microlending. WaterEquity and are seeking a consultant who can provide direct support to at least two FIs in Guatemala, with the potential to expand to additional FIs in the region.

Scope of Services

The Consultant will deliver technical assistance to microfinance institutions in Guatemala, by completing key activities in coordination with global team members from and WaterEquity.

The expected level of effort is 20 hours per week.

Technical Assistance
  • The Consultant will manage relationships with partner FIs, for example through weekly check-ins, assisting with training sessions, sharing tools and materials, etc.
  • The Consultant will develop training materials based on the technical assistance needs of our FI partners.
  • The Consultant will provide technical assistance to FI partners for services related to market demand assessments, loan product development, sales and marketing, portfolio monitoring and evaluation etc.
  • The Consultant will provide performance reports for projects to demonstrate impact as defined by specific project deliverables. Provide data/input as needed on the status of projects.
Network and Assist New Partner Development
  • The Consultant will network with potential FI partners to create a robust list of institutions interested in collaboration with and WaterEquity.
  • The Consultant will present Financial Institution candidates to WaterEquity’s investment management team.
  • The Consultant will develop work plans for technical assistance implementation, in conjunction with the FIs, for new projects that arise.
  • The Consultant will network with potential WSS stakeholders such as utilities, government agencies, NGOs, and development finance institutions to identify potential opportunities for collaboration to support WSS microlending.

The assignment will require frequent interaction with counterparts in financial institutions and WSS suppliers such as municipal governments, district governments and WSS suppliers. Travel within Central America will be required to accomplish the responsibilities of this assignment.