Cirliane's water crisis is over

Cirliane lives in a rural farming village in Brazil. Cirliane and her husband, Gean, needed access to safe water at home so they could effectively run their farming and baking businesses and, more importantly, so they could protect the health of their baby boy, Joae.

The lack of access to improved water and sanitation disrupts the socioeconomic development of millions of people in Brazil just like Cirliane's family. The water crisis also impacts the health of Brazil's people. In fact, Brazil ranks higher than average, globally, on infant death mortality and hospitalizations of adults. These rankings are linked, at least in part, to a severe lack of access to improved water and sanitation services.

Watch as Cirliane describes how affordable access to safe water at home has improved the health of Joae and helps protect her family's lives.


Since getting access to safe water at home, Cirliane can spend her time baking cakes to sell rather than walk to collect water.


Cirliane and Gean share a home with their parents. Now the whole family has access to safe water.

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