A different year, a different life

It's 2019, and José and Elma live a different life than they did a year before. What’s the difference? Their lives changed the day they were able to turn the handle on their own water tap at home for the first time. 

Jose in Peru

José is a hardworking husband and father in Peru. He wants to give his family a good life, and he believed the first thing they needed to improve their lives was safe water at home. A small loan made this life-changing improvement possible. José’s description of how the accessible, safe water tap has changed his life included a strong sense of peace and gratitude. He can invest time in his family. From dishes to laundry to time for play and school, José and his wife are now experiencing the difference access to safe water can make.

Over in the Philippines, a thirty minute trek from their village, Elma’s children walk to school every day. But before this they used to make another, longer trek, to collect water. Elma loves her children so much that for many years she tried to do this back-breaking chore alone. But, to carry enough water for all seven family members, eventually she needed the kids’ help. Elma held back her tears and chose to smile as she shared, “My kids, they never complained about getting up so early to go with me to get water.” Yet regardless of whether or not they verbally complained, Elma knew it was not the life they wanted, nor the one she wanted for them. She wanted them walking to school, not for water.

The barrier once standing between José’s family and Elma’s family and safe water no longer exists. That barrier was funds. And Water.org  found a solution to remove it - small, affordable loans we call WaterCredit. Empowered with these loans, now families in Peru and the Philippines and around the world can simply turn a knob on the taps they paid to have built in their homes.

Today Elma’s children are attending and excelling in school. Each of her kids is excited to conquer a degree in teaching or medicine or engineering. Elma radiates with gratitude for the opportunities they have before them. And now José and his wife also look forward to the opportunities education will bring their daughters. Fast-approaching primary school, the girls will not be burdened by time spent collecting water. Rather, they will spend their days like Elma’s kids...in a classroom...learning. 

Elma in the Philippines