Marina is a mother and a grandmother. She claims children are her life. Before staying home to care for her grandsons and to volunteer as a health educator, Marina spent years serving her community and local government documenting babies born in local villages. 

She joined midwives for the in-home births and then documented the health conditions of the babies and their mothers. She provided basic newborn care to the mothers and encouraged them to practice good hygiene. One of the pieces of literature and advice she gave these moms was to invest in safe water at home. Her work proved to her that access to “safe water is critical to the survival of the mothers and their babies.”

Marina found herself frustrated with the fact that water and toilets were not easily accessible in her Filipino village. Because she had a job, she could use what little she made to purchase water from a local water vendor. However after learning she could take a small loan to connect her home to the municipal water line, it didn’t take long for her to apply. Marina realized she could eventually save a lot of money after she paid off her loan, and she would still have water flowing from her household connection. created WaterCredit to empower women like Marina. Already capable of doing so much in life, with the ability to finance a life-sustaining resource like access to safe water, even more seemed possible. Now having experienced finance as a solid solution to her water needs, Marina encourages the women and families she meets to consider taking loans as well. Pairing this with her education programs is bringing hope to what seemed an insurmountable obstacle. 

Give water credit for empowering a wise woman like Marina to change her world, and those of generations to come.