She's in control now

Rosalie was eager to share her water connection with us. She is the mother of two young children. Her home is made of thatch and tarps. While her husband works as a day-laborer doing odd jobs, she does the domestic chores. She uses water for everything; watering their garden, washing laundry, cooking, bathing, drinking etc.

Because Rosalie used to walk to find water, or use other people’s water connections she had to budget every ounce very carefully as it was limited. With regards to the water she purchased she shared, “It was much more expensive than the amount I am repaying on my loan to my tap.”

The need for water affected so much of her finances and time every single day. Rosalie ended our time together saying, “Now I can do so many things in my life like wash dishes when I want, bathe myself and my kids…play with my kids. Water does not control my life anymore.”

Give water credit for empowering a young mother to take control of her own life.