A smart decision for a smart solution

Educated and motivated to give their children a better life than what they knew as children, Wolde and Alemtsenay have prioritized safe water and sanitation at home for their family of eight. While four of their six children are in school, Alemtsenay spends her days caring for the younger two at home. Meanwhile, Wolde works as a nurse for the government hospital. Suffering on and off from various water-borne illness most of their lives, it wasn't until his job at the hospital that Wolde realized, and brought to his wife's attention, the idea that open defecation and drinking water from natural sources were the primary culprits for their sicknesses. 


In the past, their children suffered from typhoid and malaria. Mosquitoes flock to the damp, open excrement, and typhoid cannot be prevented until the area surrounding the water source is free of feces. 

Alemtsenay shared, “When our toilet is complete we will no longer be susceptible to diseases or such poor hygiene practices [open defecation] that cause sickness. Because of Wolde's medical background we know better than to let our kids defecate on our property.” 


It is for couples like Wolde and Alemtsenay that we created WaterCredit. The small, affordable loan allowed them to act on what they knew were smart solutions that can give their kids healthier lives. They have constructed a water tap on their property, and now they are in the process of building a bathroom. Their loan will be repaid in 12 months, after which time they plan to build a shower.