Buy a lady a drink

Around the world, women spend a combined 200 million hours collecting water every day for their families. That’s 200 million hours they could spend caring for their families, generating income and making other contributions to their communities.

Stella Artois partnered with to launch ‘Buy a Lady a Drink,’ a campaign to help raise awareness of the global water crisis. Stella Artois’ support will help stop these journeys to collect water so women can start new journeys of their own.

To bring the stories of these women to life, Stella Artois created a series of films focused on women from communities where we work. The story of Anita, who had a water tap installed in her home a year ago, is one of hope. Having water available at the start of every day has allowed Anita to work on the family business and plant crops, avoiding the long journey to the center of Nagpur to shop at the market for vegetables. More importantly, Anita’s children no longer miss school because of the need to line up at a local water source, only to wait for water that may never come. Watch her story here.